Varniany: Court amovivsya include UCP activist in the district commission

Ostrovetskiy District Court rejects appeal Vornyanskom UCP nyavklyuchenne on her activist Nikolai Vlasevichva to the local committee.

Nicholas Ulasevich was promoted from the primary regional organization of the party, the regional structure of the UCP and collecting signatures. In addition, he has experience in election commissions, its time was the chairman of the village council and a teacher at the school.

All these arguments by He said, but did not impact on the court. And against the decision of the Commission Executive Committee to establish local commissions have not arranged. According to the court the refusal based on the fact that Vornyanskom organization could allocate Nicholas Vlasevicha Vornyanskom of the election commission, because its legal address is specified in the certificate of registration is not in a. Varniany, and c. Strip Vornyanskom village council.


elections, UCP, commissions, Ulasevich

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