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Once upon a time, in the Russian land, so long ago that only remember the gods and ancestors, was a completely different way of life, and all lived in a different way. Cohn lived, keeping covenants ancestors, listening wise Magi. Does what is right, everything is done according to conscience.

But now it is time others. Whether people have changed, whether the gods decided on its own … Started Night of Svarog. Were displaced ancient knowledge. Forgotten roots. Brought new forces, declaring themselves gods and prophets, and all were in their own way to learn.

Some revere Allah, Yahweh others, others praise Jesus, and the fourth and did believe in the coming of the power of dark and sing their songs of praise.

And more and more people are forgetting their original essence. Reached before that I do not favor truth and falsehoods. And is it a great blessing, and is elevated to heavenly heights.

Those who teach the people and trying to regain the lost knowledge of them, to awaken from the dream of many years, was mocked and called sects.

This is the Night of Svarog.

But nothing lasts forever, and for the night comes the dawn.

Come on the Midgard-earth new times. Old age retirement, in its place is a new hurry. Knowledge opens the previously inaccessible to ordinary people. Become apparent such secrets, the existence of which was previously impossible to contemplate. Why do people in the early days to escape the burden? To begin to throw off the shackles, hung for centuries hidden enemies and clear the enemies, then take the new knowledge (though they are not new, and old, but simply forgotten).
Time passes, those with glands at the fountain, are worth more than the average person gets. Are replacing other values. Who tends the spiritual understand what it was carried out and enjoy the coming changes. Well, who do not like … I do not podulat. Who should — understand.

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