Vestervele: Europe does not end at the eastern border of Poland

A recent joint visit to Minsk, German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle and Poland's Radoslaw Sikorski and reflects the common desire of both countries to develop its relations with its eastern neighbor — Belarus. This was both said in a conversation with the German edition of the Tagesspiegel.

As noted by Guido Westerwelle, "Europe does not end at the eastern border of Poland," but because there is a desire to "bring the European principles of liberty, the rule of law and economic prosperity in the neighboring countries to the east of the EU."

To the question of the German edition, in which case it is possible to estimate the visit as a success, and in which — no, given the a fortiori, that Lukashenko expects to win and these, 4 presidential election, Foreign Minister of Germany and Poland, said:

Vestervele: "Elective company is very closely monitored by international observers of the OSCE. We commend President Lukashenko not He said, disseminated by state television, and according to his deeds. "

Sikorsky: "If he believes that he can win in free elections, while Lukashenko must prove it. We still have reasonable doubts as to free elections and the opposition is also available free to the media. Only when President Lukashenko to solve it, only if Belarus can be included in closer cooperation with Europe "


Sikorski, Westerwelle

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