Vitebsk police urged to be vigilant at the polls

The newspaper "Vitebsk worker" published an appeal the October district police station, where voters are warning about the likelihood of terrorist attacks against the state and calls for the presidential election.

The address under "Note"It is written:" If you see suspicious people who want to leave things unattended, abandoned or found large items or other things, or see signs of anti-state and anti-Semitic content, please report immediately to the police. "

Voters are invited to call or duty police officer, or call "102". "Anonymity is guaranteed reward if the information is confirmed," — the statement says.

Vitebsk human rights activist Paul Levinov believes that this treatment may lead to harmful consequences: the mention of the likely threat of terrorist attacks has always generate panic and police can not fail to be aware that such calls create the polling stations of fear and uncertainty. The appeal to the voters that they were vigilant and informed about the manifestations of "anti-state" and "anti-Semitic" sentiments, too, can provoke conflict.

In general, according to Paul Levinau, appeal the October police department can be seen as an attempt to entice voters to vote early: following recommendations may appear police comes to vote early, and not on the day of the election, if the area will be a lot of people — including, possibly "suspicious persons with bulky items" and extremists of "anti-state content posters."



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