Vitebsk Regional Commission rejected signatures Pravalski

District Election Commission after the October 14 check signature sheets with 194 signatures of 33.5% is repealed. On this basis, were rejected all handed signature. In the Commission Pershamaiski district did not name specific figures, but said that "it does not pass."

In Election Commission October district signatures in support of Vladimir Pravalski was delivered little.

Approximately 108,000 were put into commission Pershamaiski district. Specific information about verifying signatures initiative group Pravalski observer Leonid Svetsikrefused to give in there.

Vladimir Pravalski not comment on the findings of commissions. He says he expects the final decision of the CEC, and the sound of specific documents. The potential candidate says it will go to court if the findings of the CEC did not satisfy, and he will be decision which can be challenged.



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