Vitebsk: white-red-white flags on the graves of

As with every year 2 November Vitebsk senior opposition leader Boris Khamaida along with other activists visited the graves of friends who have gone to another world. At the cemetery in the village of print honored the memory of Vladimir Pleschenko the cemetery, "Cauchy" landscaped grave Sergey Terentyev, visited the graves of Ales Mudrychenki and Helen Zaleskaya.

Annual action when Vitebsk opposition commemorate friends started at the cemetery, "Cauchy". Today here before commemorated chairman of the regional branch of the United Civil Party, Helen Zaleski, who passed away in July.

At the grave of Elena Zaleskaya.

Laid on the grave of red and white flowers, lit candles, andBoris Khamaida turned over her white-red-white flag:

"Today 2nd November. These were the "Forefathers Eve." I remember that at the beginning 1990 even had a day off. And now here we visited the grave of Elena Vasilevny Zaleskaya have mentioned, allegedly talked with her. Unfurled a white-red-white flags. Every year we start with a cemetery, "Cauchy", here we have four friends are buried. I believe that it is our custom is to go on forever. Kalki we are alive, so many have come to Dziady to them. "

The activists also visited the grave Novel Solovyan, who tragically died at a young age, and the tomb of Mudrychenki Ales, one of the first members of the Vitebsk Belarusian Popular Front. Place of burial Sergei Terentyeva, also one of the first Vitebsk "frontovtsev" had a little landscaping.

Tomb of the Roman Solovyan.

Flowers Ales Mudrychenku.

Clean the grave of Sergei Terentyeva.

Above each burial for a few minutes raised the big white-red-white flag and mention the person who is gone.

To visit the grave Vladimir Pleschenko, his friends have gone to the village to print — there buried the former chairman of the regional organization of the Conservative Christian Party of the Belarusian Popular Front, who died in2006 year. Pronouncing the grave friend, his fellow party member Dzyarzhautsau Yang said that those whose graves have come to the cemetery, prematurely passed away:

"For me, today — a remembrance of the past, of our friends and acquaintances who have given their lives for a better future weapons. Our friends, I believe, given their health, before the light went on. Pleschenko died when he was 60 years old. Is it age? They all wanted to Our country was independent. Not in words but in fact. "

White-red-white flag on the grave of Vladimir Pleschenko.

Jan Dzyarzhautsau remembered that the monument to Vladimir Pleschenko was declared a public fundraiser. Now it is a sign of good memory of all who knew him and remember. As old friends less and less each year, each share 2nd Mr. November Dzyarzhautsau filmed and is supposed to make the video to the younger generation of a democratic society could meet with their predecessors.

Finally Vitebsk activists visited the site of mass executions of victims of Stalinist repression of the field in the village of Vitebsk region. Here, in memory of the tragic events 1930-50 years of local opposition established memorial crosses. Today, too, fluttering above them white-red-white flags.

Field. Boris Khamaida a prayer "For Belarus".


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