Vodka — the experiment on humans

Everyone knows that real vodka should have the following qualities: it should not freeze in the cold, should be transparent and should be on. But most importantly, the quality — is a fortress at 40 degrees. And almost everyone is convinced that this is the main feature of vodka proven by Russian scientist Dmitri Mendeleev.

Experiments Mendeleev

However, in his famous treatise, the periodic "On the combination of alcohol and water" is actually not such a figure. It describes how a scientist and a half years, using dimensional bucket alcohol diluted with water in order to find the best value.

As a result of numerous experiments, Dmitri Mendeleev got very different results. In his treatise, a figure of 46%. So all we really know about such familiar to us all the vodka? How then to find out what actually Mendeleev invented?

Mystery of vodka

It turns out that vodka conceals many secrets. There is no vodka hangover, which is still hidden from the people. According to reports, it was tested in the Gulag, and drank a vodka in the Kremlin. Aspetsvodku experienced in the Far North, which was delivered to half a million bottles.

Professor Myron Etlis in the early 80's of the last century, was on assignment in the Evenki of the Central Committee of the CPSU, where he participated in the experimental field trials of vodka. Geneticist party and the government appointed rescue North from drinking.

Experiments on humans

All experiments were conducted in great secrecy. Real bespohmelnuyu vodka sold in stores in tiny abandoned villages, which are often not even on the map. The North has become a testing ground for secret products — vodka.

Vodka under the name "Golden Fleece" in this land were brought under the supervision of scientists and KGB. The rate for delivery to the store spetsvodki calculated from figures one bottle per person per week. The experiments were conducted for two years, during which all experienced vodka was drunk and on spetspartii there was not a bottle.

And all the inhabitants of villages were aware of the fact that they carried out the experiment, but the choice they did not have. Buy another vodka was impossible. Memories of the population of this experiment were very different, some indignant poor quality.

But there were those who in the so-called "experiments" happy to have participated and talked about that feeling after vodka "Golden Fleece" in the morning are just wonderful and felt a surge of strength and energy. But in fact all agree that there may have been very different results of this experiment on humans.

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