Vyacheslav Kebich: Chernomyrdin helped Belarus what could only

Lost a former Russian Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin. He was an influential politician, colorful person, the master of aphorisms. He had a special relationship to Belarus. How to evaluate the role of Chernomyrdin Belarusian politicians and high-ranking officials with whom he had to deal with as the head of the government?

Vyacheslav Kebich

Ex-Prime Minister Vyacheslav Kebich knew his Russian counterpart, and in contact with him, not only in business affairs, but also in person was a friend. He says that Viktor Chernomyrdin support Belarus in the most difficult moments. If in the early 1990s, Belarus can not exist as an independent state, the Russian prime minister helped energy and gas resources:

"He helped Belarus than he could, and did not demand anything in return from Belarus: set no conditions that did not require any contact or join the Union. Then, this did not have any conversations. When we talked about a single ruble zone, was not going to talk about one of the other subordinate. It was about two different states … This is my personal very close friend, and for me he will forever live the rest of my life. "


Chigir, who was prime minister in 1994-96, also mentions the selfless help of Chernomyrdin

"The biggest thing he did for Belarus — is that the debt for gas, which was 1 billion 200 million dollars, of its filing has been written off. He supported, and Yeltsin signed the papers, and written off as much debt in early 1996. At that time, 1 billion 200 million was a lot of money for our country. Russia, too, for they were not redundant, but given the good relations and mutual understanding, the debt written off. I remember it well, and I know how it was …

Chernomyrdin talking about the best that can be said in general about the person. Common, well-known. He was a man of rare soul. Chernomyrdin is very interesting, very tasty said. At the aptly it was a gift. Sorry, sorry … "

In November 1996, the then Prime Minister of Russia Viktor Chernomyrdin, together with the speakers of both houses of the State Duma Gennady Seleznev and Yegor Stroeva visited Belarus on a peacekeeping mission — to reconcile the Parliament and Alexander Lukashenko. The visit and the role of Russian peacekeepers Belarusian politicians were ambiguous.

Sergei Kalyakin

Sergei Kalyakin, Head of the Communist faction in parliament, a member of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the 13th convocation, who witnessed the events, said:

"Then the Russian side was this: they were in favor of one thing — that was solved by the constitutional conflict between the parliament and the president peacefully. And so that agreement, which was then signed with the mediation of the Russian side, was this: everyone gets to the positions where they were before, when the referendum was announced, and when Lukashenko was declared impeachment. It was a very clever way. After all, first of all, then frightened Russia that will be a civil war. All the more so, they have experienced such a period when there was a conflict between the Russian president and the parliament, which ended in bloodshed. They do not want to admit. And all these stories that they were standing on someone's side (either on the side of Parliament, whether on the side of the Lukashenko), have no foundation. Unfortunately, the Belarusian side, many of the democratic forces, who voted in the morning in the parliament against these agreements, then untied the hands of Lukashenko. And Lukashenko made a constitutional coup. Unfortunately, didand the Belarusians. And today in this blame the Russian side, including Chernomyrdin and, I believe, is absolutely groundless. "



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