We have no choice, as is the operation of special services

Our Company Nina listener from Minsk asks the question:

"Dear" Freedom! "Will audiotape released Galina Mine" migratory birds? "So I want to hear her voice again and memories. Listened to forever! Thank you, Galina! And when issued, how can it get?"

Responsible Elena Tikhanovich:

"I want to answer our sluhachtsy that just at this moment preparing to release a book of memoirs of Galina mine. Above her working artists, style editors, and expect that in a month or two, this book will be born. Place on the presentation we will be sure to let our listeners. "

Our listener Viktor from Minsk called for "Freedom" to share their thoughts on the presidential election.

"I rang familiar from Gorki, Mogilev region, and asked for whom to vote. We sick of this, can not be tolerated. Well, I advised him. And now I hear that, according to preliminary data from this hateful will be about 80 percent of the vote. This is such bullshit, that can not be tolerated! "

Why so many in Belarus arenas? Our listener gave his opinion:

"Ice palaces, taldychat Lukashenko is factory health. But if there is no housing, thousands of people do not have good nutrition, if through television and other media is a call for help on expensive operations on children, the ice rinks — it abtsyazharvanne poverty, disease. Ice palaces Need for Lukashenko because he was not invited to other countries, and the opening of the ice palace — that his visit, and the warm-up. "

Vladimir of Polotsk commented on the fact that Vladimir Neklyaeva not allowed to participate in the All-Belarusian Assembly.

"Well, if Vladimir Neklyaeva not allowed to go to the so-called Belarusian People's Assembly, it is easy to imagine that for the audience gathered there, Mr. Lukashenko. Know, such is popularly known as six, they never have been respected."

Our students were discussing statements of the head of Belarus on raising salaries and pensions by 10%. Now pensioners received pensions, and this has caused a new wave of calls to this topic.

Pavel Demidenko of Parichi indignant:

"Today I received a pension, and 10 percent did not receive allowances, our benefactor who promised Lukashenko. And only got 16,000. Where are my 10 percent disabled as a victim of Chernobyl? Why is such a rip off? "

Sergei Shinkevich from Minsk earlier called for "Freedom" when he made the steps to get to the Election Commission on the First District of the capital. Now he phoned to tell about the results of their work:

"I collected 14 signatures from neighbors that I was included in the precinct election commission. Statement with the signatures given to the department of administrative and personnel work Pershamaiski Executive Committee on October 22. On addition to that I was nominated by the Belarusian Popular Front Party, of which I am a member. The commission, the Still, I have not included. This confirms what I said before. we have no choice, but there are intelligence operations and vertykaltsav by stealing votes. scam. "

Bi listening to "Call to Freedom." Let me remind you that the phone is "Freedom" in Minsk — 266-39-52, running 24 hours a day. Call! Share news, its attitude to events in Belarus and abroad. We are also waiting for feedback work of Radio Liberty.



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