Weather in August in the European part of Russia will be moderately hot

 Weather in August in the European part of Russia will be moderately hot, repeating the heat in 2010 is not expected, said on Friday the Russian Hydrometeorological Center Director Roman Vilfand.

"According to our preliminary estimates, and in the second half of July, and in August the temperature in the European part of Russia, in fact, almost the entire country, will be around and above the norm. Repetition of catastrophic drought, heat, before last year we did not expect," — said Vilfand at a news conference at RIA Novosti.

Heat wave and drought, which were established in the European part of Russia in the summer of 2010, led to a strong natural fires. In Moscow regime was introduced emergency, fire injuring five settlements, 11 people were killed, 400 people were injured. For fire-dangerous period in 2011 the number of wildfires decreased approximately four-fold, to 588.

"In addition, it is estimated, and our specialists, and experts from the Academy of Sciences, the probability of temperature, which was observed in 2010, is one five thousandth, that is extremely unlikely event", — concluded the chief meteorologist Russia.

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