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Shynkaruk Alexander (1974-2010)

Assistant Director Alexander Shynkaruk hid the last of the 14 already the third of November. The house, which overlooks the main square of Pinsk with Lenin monument in the center of a special room called the "red corner". There, among the flowers stood the coffin, sat next to relatives. Through the open door of the room from the yard went on and on about these people: with wreaths and flowers to just stand up and mentally say goodbye. Shynkaruk Alexander was only 35 years old, a month would have been thirty-sixth cousin Ruslan, who agreed to step aside for a brief conversation, says.

"What can I say … My relatives are in mourning, for us it is a great loss. Death is kind of weird, for all people, not just for him, for everyone. But what can you do? He was an open, good worker, not in vain so many people came to say goodbye to him yesterday and today. "

At Alexander Shynkaruk survived by his wife and three children, the eldest 12 years old, the youngest — 2. Ruslan said that it was a happy family.

"The family was just happy. All they had to order. They were happy to have found each other. That are alive, that the children are grown, and there is such a tragedy. Now it is all will be very it is difficult to survive. "

Alexander graduated from the school with a silver medal, well studied for the Belarusian Institute of Technology and earned distribution in native Pinsk, on one of the oldest companies in the country, "Pinskdrev." For just more than 10 years working his way from the master to the Deputy Director for Operations. What is the secret of fast career growth?

"That's why he was appreciated at the factory and promoted. This is Can not say anyone in the company. And that the people are well regarded and experienced for the job. Why all the plant and ran. Where any problems — there he. After all deepened, trying to make sense. "

As a child, Alexander studied music and played the accordion. Did not become a musician, but these activities have expanded their interests. "With him could talk on any subject, "- says his brother Ruslan. As to the character of Alexander, he noticeably hardened during his service in the army. There is finally manifested his penchant for art. Alexander served in avtabatalene near Minsk. He came to the plant is not only a good specialist, but tempered man. And then played sports, played on the football team. Good physical condition, however, is not saved when the explosion occurred. I asked about the official cause of death of Alexander Shynkaruk.

"The note said about the large burns and injuries. But just can not tell the burn center in Minsk, where he died. "


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