What are the choices? Who wanted power, and chose to

The survey of "Freedom", "in Mogilev in the precinct election commission did not include any representatives of the opposition. How will this affect the results of the vote?" Meet the residents of Mogilev.

Man: "The fact that they can forge the way they want — our guide. No. counterweight that can stop them. When power will count the votes, then why not consider them as she want?"

Mr."There they are, or do not have them — it does not impact on the result. In our present circumstances, the extent of control, though, it is still a picture for Europe anymore. A veneer of legitimacy. "

Man: "This suggests that the elections will be not quite closely monitored by the public. It will remain on the sidelines. Aside from the election, and all. As the Commission will decide, so be it."

Man: "Of course, I'd been to the opposition. Lest there be no rigging."

Mr."The opposition, of course, has some influence on the course of the procedure and conduct of elections, however, and sometimes it hinders. Behave properly. Somehow I watched it in the last election."

Mr."This is bad. Either way they should be present. When everything is good, everything is transparent and fair, then why not? Definitely I am determined that as much as we want, the election result will be the same as on the previous occasion. This marsh. throw stone — dirt gets going, and then returns to his seat. "

Man: "It is clear that the election commission should be different parties, as an administrative resource is always pushing."

"Who wants that and win, that is, who is, and will remain one. Which election? Who wanted to, and chose that."

"Who else thinks, the main thing, not something like a voice. Certainly, the opposition should be. Elections — this is such a thing, or it is democratic or staged."

Mr. elderly"Of course, their presence would have added them to vote. Fair it would be. President allegedly promised. And many observers came from the OSCE. But I am sure that will be the current president."

Mr. elderly: "All commissions should any party. So they controlled. And if they do not admit, the election unfair. President said he would do everything to hold fair elections. When he did not allow the people — then he is wrong."

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