What would walk down the aisle, is gone to another world

The explosion on October 25 in the shop fiberboard concern "Pinsk Wood" claimed the lives of 14 people. Six remain in serious condition in hospital Brest and Minsk. National mourning is declared. "Freedom" continues the reporter's materials from the families of the victims of the tragedy of Pinsk.

Plate Sergei Nikolaevich (1985-2010 gg.)

One of the youngest victims of the explosion at the Company "Pinsk Wood" — Sergey plate. He would have been the ninth of November, only 25 years old. Says mother Raisa G.:

"I have two sons, among them only a year difference. But he, Jr., was the presenter. We never have fallen from the sky. I have been in the family for his mother, and he was alleged father — here is my child was . "

He worked as an electrician Sergei plate. Correspondence was in Pinsk industrial Teachers College. Finish it. He was fond of and know computer hardware. At the same time found time to help his grandmother, who lives in the village Damashytsy:

"They grew up without a father. He would have been 25 years of the ninth of November. Was going to get married," — says the grandmother Sophia Ivanovna. And explains why today's grandson is buried in the village cemetery next to his grandfather:

"My grandfather loved him very much. Yet small encouraged to work, taught her to play, mow, as do all other work."

Villagers also speak good about Sergey:

He had a girl was going to marry her. But no sooner had "….

Man: "A good guy such independent. Was it a girl was going to marry her. But before."

Woman: "Hard-working. Educated here, at my grandfather's childhood. Good guy."

Sergei died in Pinsk hospital on the fifth day after the explosion. Burns was covered the whole body. He was buried in the marriage suit, which taken together with the bride. Mother in despair:

"What is it like to walk down the aisle, is gone to another world.'s Disposition of, I do not know who — God, fate, the case of negligence bosses … Who me now return his son, why, for what reason I did not wait for grandchildren ? Who do I respond to that? .. "



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