Whats going on with nature?

October 27, 2011 16:04

Weather is unpredictable — instead of the expected snow spoils almost summer sun and warm southern winters are harsh in the north.
And this is happening not only in Kazakhstan. On the planet weather chaos — floods, unexpected frosts and even more unexpected drought. What happens to the Earth's climate and what to expect of humanity?

This we asked the director of the Scientific Centre of Regional Ecological Problems, academician, Ph.D. Muftakhov Diarova.

— Tell me, what is happening with nature?

— There is unprecedented in human history, the struggle between technological processes affecting the global climate, and natural phenomena of nature. Of particular concern is that scientists are now undergoing physical and chemical processes in the Earth's air envelope — it has more than two million chemical compounds and studied about half to two thousand. And how do they affect the air, scientists still do not know.

And some of the pollutants serve as a stimulus, which accelerates atmospheric phenomena — rain showers, rain, snow, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis …

— That is all that is in the air around us?

— Life on Earth could not exist without air. Oxygen on Earth produce timber and other green vegetation. But in the process of technological development, they disappear. Meanwhile, the oxygen consumption is huge. People per day consumes about 12 kg of air. A car for every 1000 kilometers annual rate of oxygen consumed by one person! Now only in the Caspian region, there are about 70,000 cars. If each car's annual mileage by an average of 15 thousand kilometers, they totally "eat" the annual rate of oxygen of approximately one million people!

— We are always afraid of the destruction of the ozone layer …

— The ozone layer serves as a natural screen of the Earth that protects all living things from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays of the sun. The trouble is that in recent years there have appeared a huge hole. And his destruction continues. The highest concentration of ozone is located at an altitude of 20-25 km. When trans-, super-long flight airliners to systematically destroy. The territory of Kazakhstan is no exception — the launch of carrier rockets from Baikonur on this affects.

— Noted that the weather is changing, and radically — where it was cold, it becomes warm, and vice versa. What caused this?

— Critical of climate change — a consequence of global environmental pollution. Abnormal atmospheric processes active — wake up volcanoes, dormant for two centuries and more. According to the U.S. tornadoes are hundreds. In some areas of the globe in a matter of hours fall semiannual and annual rainfall. However, scientists do not have a single point of view on these processes. Some believe that we are waiting for global warming, while others claim to global cooling.

But over the last 450,000 years of Earth's history had six cycles of alternating periods of cooling with warming. Each cycle lasted until 100,000 years.

— So, change of weather is programmed initially?

— I think, the expected global warming — the result of large-scale pollution. The main reason — the greenhouse effect. Scientists believe that the burning of all currently known fuel resources of the carbon dioxide content in the atmospheric basin may increase in the near future, 10 times, it would be disastrous for the environment. Due to the melting of glaciers sea levels could rise by 30-80 meters. Will flood the coastal area of the seas and oceans. We are waiting for drought, floods, forest fires, heat waves and hurricanes …

— But you were talking about what to expect global cooling …

— I have already mentioned: the study of the Earth's climate history shows that the cooling begins about 100,000 years. Why is that — is unclear. But I am sure that in the world comes the next ice age. And much faster than many think. But before we are waiting for the Little Ice Age. There are objective factors — such as reduced solar activity. Previously, scientists believed that an ice age could start in 10 years — the worst option, or the 40-100 years — the best option.

— So, we have to stock fur coats and felt boots?

— Climate processes are not fully understood. Nature is wise and objective. Maybe she chose a different way to change the global climate …


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