Why are human rights activists from Europe called Sikorski and Westerwelle

5 European human rights organizations Belarus Watch (Lithuania), Libereco — Partnership for Human Rights (Germany), Belarusian Human Rights House (Lithuania), "Civil Belarus" (Czech Republic) and the Human Rights House Foundation (Norway) appealed to the foreign ministers of Germany and Poland, who are currently on a visit to Belarus.

The authors of the called destination during the negotiations with the Belarusian authorities except pragmatic economic and political issues to make progress on human rights and democratic freedoms.

"We call on the authorities to pay attention to the European Union is in Belarus subject to political persecution of government opponents and independent journalists, to execute the death penalty is not allowed freedom of speech, assembly and association.

Given that the visits of high-ranking European politicians have been successfully used by the Belarusian authorities as a sign of support for Western incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko ahead of the presidential election, we ask that during contacts with the authorities on the agenda necessarily present topic values of justice, democracy, and human dignity. "

Among the questions that, according to human rights activists, Westerwelle and Sikorski have to raise the talks in Minsk — "the liberation of political prisoners (Autukhovich, Uladzimir Asipenka, etc.)., The criminal prosecution of independent journalists, moratorium and abolition of the death penalty, abolition of Article 193.1 Penal Code provides for imprisonment for acting on behalf of an unregistered organization, the holding of free and fair presidential elections.

Causes of the statement says the head of the organization Belarus Watch Vadim Vileity:

"This appeal was initiated by several non-governmental organizations in the European Union who monitor what is happening in Belarus. Our organization — one of those structures that iknutstsa continually remind the world and Europe about what kind of situation takes place in Belarus. We believe that such public appeal are of great benefit to improve the situation. Public opinion in the EU is very little known about what is happening in Belarus — if there are any changes, or it is still bad.
Our organization is registered in Lithuania. The recent visit of Mrs. Grybavskatse in Minsk showed that just at the time of such visits increased degree of interest of the media and civil society to what is going on in Belarus. We have seen that it is very good time to have spoken governmental organizations.
At this point many analysts say, and opposition politicians, but they provide a first opinion. And for human rights organizations is important to pay attention to what the situation with civil liberties in Belarus, the situation at the border, what is the situation with visas. If so, such visits were to happen, then we can not definitely say whether this is good or bad. We have to look at the results. To these visits were the fruit must work together in including and community organizations. "

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