Why in the northern districts of the city earth trembles

Why in the northern districts of the city earth trembles Howlett1992

Mystery why in the northern districts of the city earth trembles, has not yet disclosed. Seismologists say: the forces of nature there is nothing. Military answer — it is not their doing. Natalia Bandurina considered different versions of the origin of the mysterious tremors of the most fantastic, to the very real.

As soon as the first reports of the earthquake, all attempts were made to fix its consequences, such as rocking the chandelier falling from the shelves of dishes, but no one ever succeeded.

Versions were different, talking about blowing up ammunition, military immediately around the accused, Sertolovo ground nearby. Shaking Pargolovo, northern part, the Internet, meanwhile shaking message of the imminent end. Science fiction writer Andrew Balabukha thought that for some time the city became a member of a low-grade theater.

Earthquake, it would seem, in a place like St. Petersburg, to put it mildly, is not typical, however, six years ago, something like this has happened before. Eyewitnesses describe exactly experienced, but this time the tremors were noticed at the same time intervals.

Vladimir Karpinsky, chief engineer of the Geophysical Service RAS:

"By the nature of the signal itself, the way it happens, by the fact that these series start in round the clock, 16 hours, not at 16:33, for example. This is one of the indicators, in addition to their appearance, it's clearly something to do with human activity. But what kind of man? The only thing that comes to mind is some disruption ammunition destruction. "

Opponents of this version of the accused in all the now proverbial anomalous winter, they say, drifts crushed to the earth's crust, and there is emptiness in the end — the so-called skhlapyvanie most of these voids. And the servants of the church see what is going on, a sign.

Anyway, the mysterious underground strikes stopped in Pargolovo meanwhile calculate damages. For the first time people do not know whom to ask for cracks in the walls, the military, those who got the most, are preparing for a press conference, be prepared to explain that shook not their fault.


On the subject:

The military threw a shadow on the seismologists of St. Petersburg

March 13.Officers of the Western Military District showed reporters how the destruction of ammunition in the very near to the city landfill Yelizavetinka. Hoping thus to prove his innocence to the vibrations of the earth, fixed seismic stations and displease the inhabitants of the northern districts of St. Petersburg. Of course, they did not believe. Too comfortable in this situation blame the military. The latter has its own version: they believe that the hype may be beneficial seismologists.

In order to understand that the military are not related to the tremors ("Fontanka" first wrote about the situation) to the north of St. Petersburg, is sufficient to measure the distance between the city and Agalatovo — the closest place, at which the destruction of ammunition. About 27 km divided metropolis and 18 engineering and test site. Plus a nearly 6 km deep into the forest road. The fact that the shells of expired utilized here, evidenced by the numerous pits and craters around. Arrived journalists demonstrated laying charges. The capacity of each is different — the total amount being destroyed in a single blast, according to the instructions, may not exceed 120 kg of TNT.

TV reporters were able to get a colorful picture, video cameras installed in 300 meters from the prepared ammunition, including and left alone. Sappers took refuge in an underground bunker, and the officers of the command staff, along with civilian were loaded into a car and driven to a safe distance — up to 2 km. A few minutes later an explosion. That is probably a bomb — Media representatives heard only a faint echo. Back at the cameras. Machinery remained intact. Probably helped a small charge capacity — about 40 kg of TNT. For comparison, the second time eroded shells at 120 kg. The difference hardly noticeable.

Called seismic station on the Pulkovo Observatory — tremors are not registered. Nearby residents phoned gardening — home shaking. This is a sound wave, explain military engineers.

"It's impossible," — stated categorically VOENMECH professor Nikolai Mikhailov assumption reporters that the explosions in Yelizavetinka could become a cause of concern of St. Petersburg. "We have to do with it" — supported the civil head of specialist engineering service of the 1st Air Force Command and Air Defense Stanislaw Doroshenko, showing as proof of the formula and calculations. For people far from the exact sciences, perhaps, the example of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. According to the report of the Manhattan Project Centre of the U.S. Army, the devastating effects of nuclear explosions (!) Bomb, the power of which is equivalent to 20,000 tons of TNT (!) Completely ceased to be felt in a radius of 12 km. Recall, 27 km from St. Petersburg undermine conventional missiles with a total capacity of 120 kg of TNT.

If we believe mathematics, physics, history, it turns out that the military did not really involved in the shaking houses in the north of St. Petersburg. But then the question remains why the townspeople if not the earth under their feet away, the chandeliers just wince. This fact, incidentally, recorded seismic Pulkovo Observatory. By the way, the invitation to demonstration activities Yelizavetinka Section Head of Seismology LRG Pulkovo Bell Assinovskaya until the end and did not believe in the innocence of the military. But, she said, it is now hardly possible to prove something. This is due to the lack of necessary equipment, for many years the leadership of the question whether to surround Petersburg Seismological Observation Network. If it existed today, the nature of the oscillations would be explained in a few days, — Mrs. Assinovskaya.

Meanwhile, the military has its own version of events. Create hype in the media can be equally beneficial and cottagers, and living in the neighborhood, and the same seismologists. The first, perhaps hoping that the explosions stop, the noise of which they really interfere. The latter can rely on grants for research and equipment supply.

As suggested by the Chief of Engineers, 1st Air Force and Air Defense Command Stanislav Doroshenko, if you take a second version for the bulk, we can not exclude the fact of falsification: registration seismic station of certain events may well be the work of individual professionals who pursue their own benefit. This assumption, according to the sapper, said the fact that two other stations have not detected oscillations. The fact that special equipment is installed in Viborg and the island of Valaam. Thus, the 18th polygon is a triangle between conventional seismic stations.

Military version, though questionable, but has the right to exist. In any case, it is plausible invasion of extraterrestrial civilizations. Whatever it was, at the present time to investigate the causes of military prosecutors joined WEST. Although the prosecutor's check may be clear only when the destruction of military ordnance violate instructions.

By the way, the flaws in liquidation Rospotrebnadzor identified during the inspection at the site under Kingisepp. Specialists have found that the noise level is exceeded. On this occasion, the regional ombudsman Michael Kozminykh letter was sent to the commander of the WEST to take action. However, it is unlikely that the military will be quiet, as the far-range destroy bombs weighing 500 kg each with a TNT charge of 200 kg. Not as they saw, in fact.

Perhaps complaints to the sounds of explosions and shaking walls was much less if the Defense Ministry often advocated for civil with the explanation why utilized "overdue" ammunition. Millions of tons of legacy of the Soviet Union are now stored across the country and represent a giant bomb. Moreover, no one can predict when and where it will jerk. But only one of Ulyanovsk enough to understand why before military aimed to complete the liquidation of the end of 2011. In the Western Military District in the vicinity of St. Petersburg is the destruction of the three sites. Last year by Kingisepp was blown 12,000 tons of bombs. According to engineers, at such rates and volumes, it would take 10 years to complete the task.

But in the military, as you know, orders are not discussed. Officers Corps of Engineers says that since the supreme set the task, then it will be executed. Even if they have to make changes to the calendar. But safety is not one break, they said. Explosions only with an installed capacity in the daytime and on weekdays.

Source: Fontanka.ru

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