Wildfires threaten thousands of people in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dozens of fires has intensified in recent days because of the 40-degree heat and high winds, threatening thousands of people in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), according to local civil defense.

The fires, which covered mostly forest in the mountainous area, break out in different parts of BiH, but the most difficult situation in the central, southern and eastern parts of this Balkan country. The most dangerous situation is observed near the cities of Konjic, Tomislavgrad, Trebinje, Bilecha, Srebrenica.

BiH is composed of two parts — the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Muslim-Croat) and the Republika Srpska (RS).

According to the Federal Center for Civil Defense, the area covered by the fire in the FBiH is more than 25 square kilometers, and fires directly threatened by 12 thousand people. In the RS, the incoming data already burned more than 150 acres of forest. According to local experts, the fire threatened residential facilities near Srebrenica, where fire engulfed difficult terrain and minefields left over from the Bosnian war of 1992-1995.

Firefighters in Srebrenica are on standby, but can not work.

"In these mountains, no roads, and the land is mined. Every ten minutes we heard an explosion and fire work here is dangerous to life" — said the commander of the fire brigade of journalists in Srebrenica Izet Sulyanovich.

As reported by Bosnian media in extinguishing fires in different parts of the country are used aircraft and helicopters Bosnian international peacekeeping force EUFOR. These casualties were reported, but it is known that at least three firefighters have been injured.

Thick smoke hampers fight the fire, and in addition, threatens traffic on some major roads, including those leading to the south of the country, where traditionally there are many tourists.

Large-scale fires in the past week occurred in other Balkan countries — Greece, Montenegro, Croatia and Serbia.

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