Winter storm in Crimea

Winter storm in CrimeaToday the storm raged over the peninsula. Thunder and lightning observed residents of Simferopol, Kerch, Bakhchisarai, Theodosia.

— When two air fronts, cold and warm, we are in for a storm. When the temperature difference between a storm cloud formed. With vigorous vertical motion of the clouds, the clouds of electrified and given an electrical charge — explained to aviation weather station Simferopol agency e-Crimea. According to experts, these phenomena to the Crimea — a rarity.

At the weather station also said that tonight on the peninsula sometimes cloudy. On Saturday night, the temperature drops to minus figures.

January 14 and 15 Crimea expected worsening of weather conditions such as rain, sleet, ice, strengthening north-westerly winds of 15-20 meters per second, the press service of the Crimean UMCHS.

Rescuers warn that due to the bad weather may have difficulties in all modes of transport, in the emergency and recovery, working at height. Ice and gusty winds could cause damage or break power lines, communication lines, collapse slaboukriplenih widescreen advertising structures, irregularities in the operation of the utilities.

MOE also applies to vehicle owners to refrain from traveling outside the settlements in the ice and in low visibility conditions, pay attention to the children, to postpone trips to fishing, hunting and out to the mountains.

In Sevastopol today, with brief interruptions, the rain, and about 13 hours long in large flakes falling wet snow, which immediately melted.

According to MOE Sevastopol, today the temperature at night and during the day 7.5 degrees Celsius, on the roads of the country is expected to sleet, wet snow in some places.

January 15

In Sevastopol, partly cloudy with occasional rainfall. Wind west, in places 15-20 meters per second. Night temperature 0-2 degrees Celsius by day 2-4.

January 16

Rain, Rain. Wind northwest 9-14 meters per second. Night temperature 0-2 degrees below zero during the day — 0-2 Celsius.


In the City of Crimea

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