With the cross of the city


In Gomel representatives created the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" noted the peculiar way the Holy Dmitravskuyu memorial Saturday that Christians are also called parent or grandfather.

Through the entire city the Christian Democrats suffered a specially made cross to set it to 9 km of Chernihiv highway — on the site of mass executions of civilians in times of Stalin's repression.

Cross nyasli Gomel bard Andrei Melnikov and coordinator of the BCD in the region Yuri Klimovitch.

Andrei Melnikov: Toga to denounce the place where we have the big cemetery near Gomel and where there are still our crosses. If it is not marked, so to speak, "top" it remains to be done to society, ordinary people. All Souls' Day, and then some comedy shows, including and we in Gomel. This is a continuation of a bad trend, as the feast day of St. John the Baptist, beheading a day, make a day of joy and dancing. "

With the memorial cross of the Christian Democrats went to the places where once stood a chapel, destroyed during the Soviet era.

Near the Institute of Mechanics metalapalimernyh systems "crusaders" stopped by the police and plainclothes officers filmed them with a video camera.

Yuri Klimovitch"The usual confusion: what to do, they do not know. Can not deny and must not be allowed. In short, a dead end. Civilizational impasse, deadlock spiritual, legal, bureaucratic. "

The police finally receded, and the Christian Democrats with a cross on his shoulders went on their way. "Crusade" was accompanied not only operators in civilian clothes, but also the bus with special forces. In the area of Christian Democracy Novobelitsky stopped the head of the district administration, was interested in, where they took the cross. And the answer was: "Sami did!"

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