Word images in Russia: Joint Vedane Genesis

Framework of modern Russian grammar, unfortunately, do not reveal the essence of the word without interpretation and etymological investigation, and glossaries offer us the interpretation of the word in its current use.

For example, "The etymological dictionary of the Russian language," Alexander Semenov explains the meaning of Rainbow:
"The etymology is unclear, there are several theories as to its origin. According to one of them, it is derived from the Proto-Slavic root rad, whose value is similar to the Anglo-Saxon rot (joyful, noble). Another etymological hypothesis root rad is derived from Arda (the name of one of the Slavic leaders). "
Something you see? Although the meaning is on the surface and quite clear:
Rainbow — is Ra-arc, that is, the arc of the Sun — Ra, since Ra — is one of the names of the sun in our ancestors of the Slavs.

Circumcision of the Russian language

We used to think that writing has appeared in Russia by the Byzantine monks Cyril and Methodius, but actually in Russia, there were many native scripts.
A Byzantine simplified Russian language for easy translation of the Bible to them, and deprived of the ancient Slavonic alphabet nine key images of Russian drop caps.
Further reforms of the Russian language in 1917 Lenin and Lunacharsky even cut off Russian. Lunacharsky not only reduced the alphabet again and replaced all the images of letters into phonemes. The ABC has disappeared and replaced the alphabet. Az Buki Lead Glagol Welcome — this is not a-BE-ve-ge-ta. What does it mean to break centuries reconstituted Lad in Morse?
It means to break the logic of making the words in the Slavic culture of thinking.
That is, to distort the sacred and the national foundation of the people.

Multidimensional sense of the words

Words in Russia is composed of the runes and drop caps image and is an abbreviation with multidimensional meaning of the universe. Therefore, the Russian language is formative, just as the chemical elements of the periodic table, combined, generate a new substance.
For example, let's restore the conceptual meaning of the phrase "life."
"O-b-b-r-az" — an abbreviation, drop caps, and consists of:
On, Bog, Er, Rtsy, Az,
Adding the meaning of each letters, we get:
He is God perpetrated by Recom Asom.
Where Az — a man and Rtsy — speech, utterance. The second letters of ancient Slavic alphabets have some basic values such as — Buki (book), God, Gods.
What a beautiful result!
The word "Zhi-e-n-b" is also an abbreviation:
Zhivot Land Nash Eph
It means:
Belly of our country, created above.
Combining the words "image" and "life", we get the result:
God and Asom perpetrated by one of the faces of the living.
Or: Being in one of the properties.
A "live" — a unit of life, or our true Ya Wrong to say — my soul, I am the Soul.
The word "soul" is also clear in Russian, this is also an abbreviation:
A Ushakov
Welcome originally sent multiplied Asom.
Now consider the image of "God":
Verbs Sotvoryasha God.
Showing thoughts through words.
The word "duty" means:
Welcome signified People Verbs Sotvoryasha (transmit).

Being a joint Vedane

As is known from the ABC, people — this is Az, one has to multiply the good will initially sent, that is, work to nurture the soul and spirit soar.
According to the Vedas Slavic Rod phenomenon manifests human world to evolutionary growth.
Breaking Through Barriers Explicit world, man enriches himself and his race experience. Experience of working with other people and nature is necessary for further growth and awakening conscience.
And through of conscience, that is, co-existence of man reaches Vedanya other dimensions, such as the restoration of their eternal relationship with Himself Rod, grandparent or God. This is the ideal Slavic perception that our ancestors reflected in the Vedas.
In modern terms, we have left instructions with all parameters and proven technology.

Forgotten Ancestors commandments

We live on the earth for a long time, behind the billions of years of legends, myths, epics, and experience. But few people today remember that commanded us by our ancestors.
And most do not even know of the existence of these commandments.
Why does our memory has become so short — we do not get along evolution put the circle of life — more than a hundred years old, and do not have time to nurture my soul.
We stopped calling themselves the people, and gradually turned into a population.
We moved as annuals, with almost no roots, so — lost conscience — joint with the Creator Vedane Genesis. We are trying to establish a life, but more and more entangled in the imposed usurious ideology.
But we are not. The whole world knows that the Slavic soul — is a great soul.
She is so great and that for centuries lived in truth and in accordance with the code established by the Creator.
Why are we allowed to drive themselves to limiting the scope of the will of the unjust attitudes and laws? Why do we forget about the birth family ties?
Why do we have marriage reusable user (users)?

Ancestral family ties

"Vesta" — is prepared and trained to marry the girl.
A "bride", though ready, but not trained.
Because a wife not-West no one would — it was considered a marriage.
Meaning of the word "Wedding":
Swa Dk B A:
An act of the gods of heaven Aces.
For the family unit is created for mutual spiritual ascent in the world of law, through the actions of the world Reveal.
Tower — Aware Life, courteous, knowledgeable, experienced, learned or educated.
And ignorant — ignorant.
Interpretation of images of words
Radu-Xia — Radu Himself
Xia angry — angry Himself
Flog-Xia — flog myself,
Fall in love Xia — falls in love himself,
Bruised-Xia — bruised himself.
Learn Xia — Learn Yourself.
The meaning of "Self":
With EB I
There behold God image.
That is, a descendant of the gods.
Now the divine image of the Old Slavonic word "love":
N. Bogolyubov in the b
People of God Veda
Indeed it is true that
Love and Beauty will save the world.

Created by a kind

Let us now examine the image of Genus:
R o d b
He spake Welcome create.
One of the 49 images of letters P — Rtsy — is This — utters — talk and connect the earthly and the heavenly.
This connection is instant information exchange between explicit and spiritual worlds through words. Word — is the material delivered idea.
And God — is someone who consistently imparts knowledge and traditions of its kind in the creation, and it supports an infinite universe — which is perfection.
Those who distort the perfection and hurts him — is doomed to loss of consciousness and genetic mutation, for ignorance is evil. So damped resonances between earth and heaven, and so violates the principle of matching similarities, but in Russian it can be expressed very simply:
What goes around, comes around.
Our current state of the divine is not named, but the will of the ancient Russians always have the choice to work for foreign or cooperate with friends in spirit and blood friends and family.
Although we have already used to the foreign way of life, but it's time to remember his true likeness, and her roots.

With Creativity

And now, you may find yourself and find out the meaning of each of the Russian word. Simply break up the word in the letters and substitute them as such from the ancient Slavic Az Buki.
This is the real co-creation that leads you to the Joint Vedanyu Being that nurture and fill eternal duschu awareness, meaning and happiness all your life.

The material is prepared based on the movie
Sergei Stryzhak "Game of the Gods"

Games gods on youtube

GAME OF THE GODS project — it is consistently growing series of films in the genre of journalism, the theme of the study of ancient and modern Slavic-Aryan culture. Each film series has a specific theme, and builds on the authors' encounters with people Veda and other sources.
GAME OF THE GODS project — is creative meetings, lectures, workshops, public views to the discussion of movies and other cultural events that promote recovery of the natural potential acheloveka.
Project participants GAME OF THE GODS — is creatively active devotees who live in different cities and countries, studying the heritage of their ancestors and the native cultures reviving their specific business.
The aim of the project GAME OF THE GODS — to draw attention to the resources of the human inner world, learn, explore, and make known to the knowledge and experience of our ancestors Shchurov and recovery capabilities for the ascent to spiritual evolution. Also, learn how to use the accumulated experience of thousands of everyday life.

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