Workers are dying. The leaders are preparing for the anniversary

The number of victims to "Pinskdrev" growing daily. 14 people have died so far. Six injured in the hospital of Minsk and Brest. Officials from both enterprises and Pinsk City Executive Committee further limited to information that appears on the websites of their institutions, not allowing comments.

Death toll

Those who worked in the shop at the time of the explosion, now on vacation, celebrate the company's employees. If earlier it was impossible to take a vacation, but now it does not become a problem. But few of the holiday involves going back.

Among other things, pinchan resent how the administration "Pinskdrev" is preparing to celebrate the 130th anniversary of the company. During the work day, which was held in the city, the factory workers saw an order of this:

going to celebrate November 25, at a time when will be 40 days for the dead …

"The funds will be used to celebrate the anniversary of the company. So we worked during the work day, not in order to help people. Not only are going to celebrate November 25, just when will be 40 days for the dead. I do not know exactly whether the celebration, but once the money collected for these purposes, it means that being prepared. "

The issue of compensation to the bereaved families and the victims of the accident is still and remains unresolved. The plant's management decided that the families of the victims will pay 10 million rubles, the victims — three million. However, says resident of Pinsk, her family money is not received:

"My cousin's husband was killed, still a young man. After all, she told me that she had not paid anything yet. Guide told her that she collected the tickets. Same, she said, they said, and others. Perhaps until all paid for. "

However Pinsk dwellers note that during the funeral of the plant's management does not come to the cemetery.

Factory workers in solidarity with the victims and the families of the victims. At the entrance of the plant are boxes for the collection of funds. Working Michael says that is not donated money, but is going to necessarily do it:

"After receiving wages at the plant necessarily donate some money. It's sad that it happened. At the factory, the talk that people are dying. "

Victor Yarashuk says that the atmosphere in the city is very difficult. The tragedy has touched almost everyone:

on local television and radio is still as sound and the music go entertainment …

"This is a terrible pain for many people. Relatives of the victims are going through a tragedy, so few of them and some words. Myself I after these funeral, I can not get over it. However, in just dip the flag, but on local television and radio is still as sound, and the music go entertainment. "



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