Wreath Memory: Juliana Jakusheva

Today in Gorki parted ways with the old local activist Ulyana Jakusheva. She died 84 years old. Unbridled her character was left to herself and made others to an active life. She collected signatures against the construction of a nuclear power plant near Gorki, for giving the name Bykov one of Minsk streets. Campaigning for the opposition nominees to deputatstvo.

Juliana Anikeevna Jakusheva was born November 29, 1926 in the village of Gorki district of Buda. Throughout his life, given to agriculture. Worked zootechnician-selektsyyaneram. Raised three children.

Four months ago, Juliana Anikeevna buried her son, Peter Malanachkin. He was the initiator of the petition against the construction of a nuclear power plant, the head of the anti-nuclear group. Mother helped son and his followers:

"It brought together over two hundred signatures to in Gorki district was not built nuclear power plant. When we were collecting signatures for street Bykov in Minsk she collected more than a hundred signatures. Juliana Anikeevna always helped collect signatures for political campaigns. People in this age of increasingly conservative but she tried to contribute to a democratic society in Gorki could declare itself. always helps in the promotion of democratic values, "says journalist Haretski Edward Brokarau.

Chapter Gorki organization of the Conservative Christian Party Victor Korol'kov today held the dead woman in her last journey.

"I was struck by the case at the time of elections 2006. If we encourage people to participate in an active boycott. Go to the sites and to make newsletters. Here she took and put the ballot paper in the bag. When she left it on the floor knocked. Collected the bag from her. Several people in the Eighty women!. She had to knock him down to select the newsletter. She did not promise anyone anything. She just went and did so. "

Juliana Jakusheva will be remembered as a man who was not afraid of difficulties, who until recently defended the truth and justice. About her actions mentions Andrew Jurkov:

"It was necessary on her street paving gas. Executive committee started this work and all the cast. People were barking on power, but beyond words is not passed. Juliana Anikeevna collected signatures and organized rallies. Executive committee then quickly paved the gas, and the device is held. If the 2008 collecting signatures for the Democratic candidate in Parliament and then brought them to the executive committee then reassure zbeglasya almost pavrayvykankamu see that my grandmother '82 came to certify the signatures for the Democratic candidate. "

Ulyana Jakusheva buried today in the cemetery of Orsha in Gorki. Next to her son.

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