WTO chief: Our homeland is only useful contributions

WTO chief: Russia is only useful contributionsOur homeland while it can be useful to the WTO unless the contribution to the overall budget, but only with its entry into the company it acquired a truly global status, said WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy during a speech at the Brookings Institution in Washington.

At first, he stressed that Moscow "will take time" for it to acclimate to the life and character of the global "tribe" to which it is a party. The experience of China, in his view, in this case, is not fully applicable since 10 years the situation has changed very much and, besides, "as compared with the then Chinese Russian economy is still poorly diversified."

If what Lamy and sees similarities is that entry WTO gives of, before that China, "the political impetus for the modernization of the country in the criteria of the limitations imposed by multilateral rules."

As for the other members of the organization for them in the medium term, "the good news is that in principle they appeared new partner," said Lamy. "Without RF WTO has not been a truly global organization, "- he added.

"In the short run true to cancel the news is that Our homeland will make contributions to the WTO budget, because of what others will pay less, "- said General Director of the organization, calling those words easy laughter in the hall.

Performance as a whole was dedicated to the development prospects of international trade in the criteria "uncertain future."

Lamy said that if about something and you can currently read with confidence, it's about the fact that "the role of emerging markets in trade and other areas will continue to grow."

"We live in a multipolar world" — he singled out, recalling that "in addition to China" appeared on the map, "a lot of new trading powers," including such leading exporters like Brazil, India, Mexico and Malaysia, according to ITAR-TASS.

Recall, August 22 Our homeland officially became a full 156th member of the WTO.

July 23 government RF notified the WTO Secretariat of the completion of Russia all internal procedures necessary for the entry into the WTO, including the ratification of the signed in Geneva on 16 December 2011 a protocol on Russia's accession to the Marrakesh Agreement establishing the WTO on April 15, 1994.

In accordance with the rules of the organization entry Russia into the WTO was held on the 30th day after the designated transfer notice.

WTO chief: Russia is only useful contributions

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