Ya.Vus: We were prepared for the verdict, but this time — not

The wife of Dmitry Uss Eugene never approved of her husband's employment policy, although she was helping him, but had a bad premonition.

Sous: Or are you hoping for a just verdict? It was expected that maybe released in the courtroom?

Eugene Vc: You know, the hope was, but any illusions we had not. That is, Dmitri Ivanovich went to court, and he knew that his jail. We walked on the court already with the bags and things, we were ready for it, but to be honest, until such time — no.

Sous: Or you supported her husband when he was nominated as a presidential candidate?

Eugene Vc: I did not like the whole idea, but Dima my husband and I always support him in any situation. So I helped myself to him, and helped collect signatures. It was his desire, and I helped him, though, to be honest, I have misgivings on this score were bad.

Sous: What you had to say to him before he was taken into custody in court? What he had to say to you?

Eugene Vc: He was handcuffed and taken, and I came out. I did not want to see him behind bars if he zavedut the cell to the other. The next day the judge signed me permission to visit him, so what I want. Maybe something else is necessary to pass on, to support somehow.

Sous: You have a young child, who is helping you now?

Eugene Vc: We support, in principle, no one. I'm working on my husband's business. Parents, of course, help, they sit with the kids — and this is very significant, because now I can not explode and work, and for children. And Dmitri Ivanovich, while there was a result, they have all the time in the courts, and so I had children to care for, and work. Parents, of course, thank you.

Sous: That can affect the way your husband could soon go free?

Eugene Vc: Complaints will provide all possible, but it will not work. perhaps a shorter period Kicking, but the release of the conditional or full justification we do not even count, because in our country do not hope for it. The situation in the country is that the government will change soon, I hope, therefore, it is unlikely he will sit the whole time.

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