Yanukevich Chausova and the commission did not take

Only 5 of the 45 representatives of the Belarusian Popular Front Party included in precinct election commission in Minsk.

About This was announced BelaPAN vice-chairman of the Minsk city organization of the Party Vadim Kanapatsky:

"And in the district commissions were not included very decent people, including Chairman of the BPF Yanukevich, Associate Member of the Sejm Yuri Chausov and others. "

According Kanapatskogo, the results of the formation of election commissions have questioned the authorities' desire to hold transparent and democratic elections:

"The basis of the district commissions will again be representatives of the administration and pro-government parties and associations. Representation in the election commissions of opposition parties once again kept to a minimum. A certain liberalization of the electoral process, which was observed at the stage of collecting signatures has not spread to one of the key stages of the campaign, the formation of election commissions, which will directly deal with the counting of votes. "


Elections 2010

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