YSU students in solidarity with the detainees Gramps

Student representative of the European Humanities University and the Youth Initiative "Studalliance" announce indefinite action of solidarity with the student YSU Nicholas Gramps, who's two and a half months in detention.

"Not having received at least some reaction or response by the official authorities of Belarus (YSU students have sent an open letter to the media, and have applied to the Prosecutor General of Belarus and Belarusian Ambassador to Lithuania), we decided the organization of perpetual solidarity actions with Nicholas grandad to its complete liberation, "- said the" People's Will "in" Studalliance ". — "Today is the Day of Solidarity with the victims of the political regime in Belarus, we call to join the action of solidarity with Nicholas Gramps. We require law enforcement agencies of Belarus or release of Dziadok-custody because of the lack of direct evidence linking him to any whatsoever offenses and crimes, or have an open and fair trial on the case file. "

In "Studalliance" believe that the fact that public prosecutors are repeatedly changed their charges, says only one thing: the prosecutors have no direct evidence linking Dziadok to the offenses.

YSU students said they will seek the immediate release of Nicholas Dziadok-custody any lawful means in Belarus, and through international institutions and organizations.

Recall that in the case are Dedok Nicholas, Alexander and Maxim Franzkevich Vetkin. As the Site belarus.avtonom.org, Belarusian anarchist Maxim Vetkin admitted his involvement in the arson of the bank on May 1 and the attack on the Russian embassy on August 30. Friends activists believe that the recognition he made under pressure from the police.

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