Yuri Dankoff liberalization: Previously it was necessary …

The provisions of the World Bank report "Doing Business 2011" that Belarus is among the ten countries that have the most improved business conditions, we were asked to comment on the independent Belarusian economists and businessmen.

Economist Sergei Chaly draws attention to the fact that the report of the experts of the World Bank to take into account the government's steps to liberalize the business for the last five years, thereby encouraging the previous actions of the authorities. But, according to Chaly, in the last year nothing significant to improve the business climate in Belarus has not been done, except that the licensing of certain types of activities:

"Everything that can be was to make easy to improve the position in the ranking, our government has done. As for the two main parameters that we had a bad — it's the complexity of the tax system, for which we are in last place, and the conditions for the conduct of foreign trade — that this search is nothing new especially not done. "

If the government really wants Belarus to ease conditions for doing business, Sergei Chaly recommended primarily to simplify the tax system and reduce the taxes themselves.

A potential candidate for the presidency of the economist Yaroslav Romanchuk also speaks of the error of the methodology to the World Bank:

"In the methodology of the World Bank's no such thing as freedom of prices as the protection of property rights, which is very important. We actually for 11 months even if the directive on liberalization have not, which suggests that if the World Bank, and noted some progress, it is only for some procedures that do not outline the principle as the business climate in our country. "

According to Yaroslav Romanchuk, the current draft directive on the liberalization also gives hope for progress, because it essentially offers the preservation of a planned economy for the next 4 years.

Minsk businessman Yuri Dankoff, owner "Dankoff Club", sees a definite improvement in the conditions of doing business in Belarus:

"Checks are fewer, to be honest. Regard to documentation and reporting, it also will not say that now is a very Accountant complain about it."

Promises of the government to further liberalize Mr. Dankoff perceives skeptical since January 1, liberalizuyuts and later terminated, he says:

"Unclear situation: in the past were" lousy businessmen, "and suddenly it freedom — the license is not necessary … People in prison have got for unlicensed activity, lost money penalties, and it turns out that it is no longer necessary from next year … Previously, it was necessary. And tomorrow it: I'm sorry, say, here we have written that bad, let's cancel and refund the old order? "


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