2-professors Voenmech accused of spying

The two professors' Voenmech "accused of spyingNow the city of St. Petersburg tribunal verdict against 2-teachers Baltic Municipal Technical Institute "Voenmech" name Ustinov — Eugene Afanasyev and Svyatoslav Bobyshev. They were found guilty of treason.

According to investigators, professors passed on information to China about the brand-new Russian weapons — ballistic missile "Bulava", reports Interfax. The Tribunal determined the punishment for Afanasyev in the form of 12 years and 6 months colony for Bobyshev — 12 years.

Rocket P-30 "Bulava" — Russian solid-propellant ballistic rocket to put on submarines. The missile can be performed in an underwater position and movement. "Mace" is capable of hitting targets at ranges of up to eight thousand kilometers and take from 6 to 10 nuclear units with capacity of 150 kilotons each.

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