30 hostages mode

Belarusian courts conducted 13 trials of the opposition after the events of December 19 last year. Convicted 43 people, 30 of them received various prison terms of 2 to 6 years, including — three ex-presidential candidate. Belarusian and international human rights organizations have recognized the convicted Area prisoners of conscience and call for their immediate release.

Human rights organizations in Belarus are preparing a joint assessment of criminal trials members of the Square. In their conclusions, they are unanimous: the processes are political, biased, illegal character. In particular, the Human Rights Center "Viasna" stated about these processes:

  • "Gone with the verdicts in criminal cases in parts 1 and 2 of Article 293 and Article 342 of the Criminal Code are illegal and should be abolished or revised.

  • All convicted under these criminal cases are recognized us as political prisoners. The Human Rights Center "Viasna" calls for their immediate release. "

Oleg Volchek

In support of this conclusion Center "Viasna" provides examples of where political prisoners violated the right to a defense, not maintained the principle of presumption of innocence, were repaired torture and other cruel, inhuman treatment. With one voice human rights activists say that it was impossible in principle gets things for rioting.

"It was not the offense at peaceful demonstrators — said independent lawyer Oleg Volchek. — Second, we have seen and violation of the right to defense, and the use of torture, unlawful methods of interrogation. Evidence extracted non-procedural and illegal manner. "

In general, according to Volchek, no real evidence against members Squares courts did not find. On the contrary, at the hearing revealed numerous contradictions, tampering of evidence, the courts were biased, accusatory nature, ignored his defense. It is unclear why the case for the area was divided into separate processes. At the same time for the same actions of others were punished with fines, and others — long prison terms. Mr Volchek hopes that convicted Area not see out their assigned time to finish.

Aleksei Korol

The main political outcome of the process for the area — revealing the true nature of Lukashenko's regime, — the historian and political scientist Aleksei Korol:

"This is a dictatorship, rather, a totalitarian regime, as defined in its classical forms — the Stalinist and nationalist satsyyalistskay only in new conditions. Difference — only to the extent, if there was due to the thousands of victims are still goes on tens and hundreds of . "

According to King, the goals wave of repression — to scare everyone to prohibit alternative thought and discussion, to warn against the nomenklatura coup. According to Alexis King, 30 new political prisoners — are personal hostages Alexander Lukashenko, who may try to sell them to the West.

Six months of repression and trials against opposition — the most shameful period of many years of domination in Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, the analyst believes Vladimir Mackiewicz. It lost for Belarus time, he said. Mr. Mackiewicz said that on the situation in Belarus is born affect the current government's economic crisis:

Vladimir Mackiewicz

"It is not known how the regime will get out of this situation, but it is clear that good yields had not. Leto is the off season, but if people fall back without salaries for non-performing enterprises, they will be able to demand a response from the leadership of the country."

Vladimir Mackiewicz says that the government prepared to mass protests:

"She does not hesitate to use not only with his Special Forces training to disperse peaceful protesters, but you can expect, and to the use of weapons and very rigid suppression of popular resistance."

Mr. Mackiewicz believes that in order to avoid the blood, the opposition must organize and represent the people protesting for talks with the government.

The leader of the United Civil Party Anatoly Lebedko, which remains a suspect in the case of area, said that the Belarusian authorities to return to the methods of 1937. But he also sees reasons for optimism:

Anatoly Lebedko

"If everything put on the scale, I would say that the situation is — 50 to 50, where there is pessimism and optimism where there is disappointment and hope. And from the point of view of prospects — this seems to be the most favorable time to work with people for the opposition , for the supporters of change. "

Anatoly Lebedko not exclude the two main options for the further development of the situation: forced authoritarian modernization of the country and a revolutionary change in the current government and policy.

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