's Trial in absentia

The Military Court of Bishkek began its consideration of the criminal case on the facts of the events of April 7 in the center of Bishkek and led to a change of power in the country.

The court hearing is held in public. In the case are 28 accused, six of them are wanted outside Kyrgyzstan.

The defendants in absentia — a former president of Kyrgyzstan Kurmanbek Bakiyev, his younger brother, the head of the presidential guard Bakiyev Janybek, the eldest son of President Kurmanbek Marat Bakiyev, former head of the secret service Murat Sutalinov.

Another 22 defendants are in custody, under house arrest and released on his own recognizance.

The defendants also Special Forces "Alpha" public service natsbyaspeki Kyrgyzstan and the State Security Service. Everyone charged with abuse of office and the murder of two or more people.

The process takes place at the Palace of Sport in Bishkek, since no court building can not accommodate all the participants in the process — with the witnesses and their relatives may be about a thousand people.

As the correspondent of Liberty is set in the Palace "cell", it is the former Minister of Defense Bakit Kalyev and two deputy head of the State Security Service of the Kyrgyz Republic and Nurlan Tsemirbaev Daniar Donggang.

Outside the "cage" there are other persons involved: the former head of the Presidential Secretariat Oksana painted, a former adviser to President Elmyrza Satybaldyev, the former head of the presidential Kanibek extra heat, a former Attorney General of KR Nurlan Tursunkulov, members of special forces "Alpha", the State Security Service.

In April 2010 in Kyrgyzstan, there were massive protests against President Kurmanbek Bakiyev, accompanied by clashes with police. 87 people were killed, nearly 500 injured and injuries. As a result of these events, Bakiyev left the country and lost his job. At the invitation of Alexander Lukashenko, he came to Belarus. Official Minsk refused to extradite Bakiyev Kyrgyz authorities.



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