5 horrific experiments that parents spent on their own children


Until relatively recently, experiments on humans have not been considered as something out of the ordinary. And some particularly obsessed researchers did not see anything wrong even to experiment on their own children …


1. A psychologist studies the reaction of his own son to tickle

In 1933, psychologist Clarence Leuba planned to find out why we laugh when we tickle — obeying the natural instinct or because we see idiotic smile who is doing this to us. The most suitable object for the experiment Leuba thought of his own son — another baby.

First of all, in the name of science Leuba banned in his home every tickle, except in designated sessions that he conducted himself. Moreover, he forbade his wife to laugh and smile even when she touched the baby's skin. Apparently, the subject of the study seemed to him important enough to deprive a child of normal childhood pleasures.

Next, make sure that the child does not respond to the expression of his own face, Leuba fashioned an enormous mask of cardboard, with tiny holes for the eyes. Having put over this nightmare, a scientist carefully tickled certain parts of the child's body, from the armpits.

Everything went according to plan until the experiment is not ruined Leuba's wife, who once was forgotten and laughed, shaking her sitting in her little son in her lap. How about this blatant incident responded Leuba — history is silent. We only know that after the professor's wife quickly became pregnant with her second child, and soon the professor spent his schekotatelny experiment with a newborn daughter.

At this time, managed to successfully complete the experience and bring important scientific conclusion: "children laugh, even if you do not know it is accepted."

2. The scientist who invented the vaccine became infected with smallpox own son

In the late 18th century English physician Edward Jenner was trying to prove his theory that if a non-fatal deliberately infecting people with cowpox, then recovered, they will be immune from a really terrible human smallpox.

Today, we know that Jenner was right, but at the time of vaccination, the whole theory was based only on observations of the people who worked with cows and rarely suffered from human smallpox.

It is quite clear that the scientific community has been the idea of intentional contamination skeptical, so Jenner decided to take a chance and to experiment on your own little son — Edward Bush. The historical moment of infection with cowpox own son was even immortalized in sculpture:

Vaccination at the time was not merely a shot. Jenner did on the boy's hand cut with a scalpel and generously greased the resulting wound with pus, previously taken in this patient. After the baby had been ill with a mild form of smallpox, Jenner has brought him is real, human smallpox — if the theory were correct, then the infection is not supposed to happen. Then the same thing he has done with a few more little boys — now the neighborhood.

Fortunately, Jenner was right, and the calculations were met — or else in history he would have remained a mad killer of small children, not the hero-inventor of the vaccine.

3. The scientist, who checked on his son how dangerous jellyfish burns

In 1964, an Australian toxicologist named Jack Barnes studied the relationship burns poisonous jellyfish with the development of so-called "Irukandji syndrome" — a set of very unpleasant symptoms that have been observed in some Australian swimmers.

First, Barnes has caught a few jellyfish, which he suspected pathogens mystical Irukandji syndrome. After that was required to conduct an experiment or, more simply, to give someone caught jellyfish sting. For this purpose we have selected a group of "guinea pigs", which included a local lifeguard, he … Barnes and his nine year old son Nick.

The experiment revealed that the jellyfish venom does cause Irukandji syndrome, and along with the fact that patients are experiencing terrible suffering — worse than a woman in childbirth. 20 minutes after the start of the experiment the entire group into convulsions taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital.

Luckily, they all recovered.

4. The scientist, who condemned his own son to imprisonment, to force him to learn a dead language.

In 1881, a native of Lithuania on behalf of Eliezer Ben-Yehuda had emigrated to Palestine, and suddenly realized that all Jews immigrated speak different languages unknown to him, because of what the organization circumcision of his newborn son has proved to be extremely problematic. Then Ben-Yehuda decided to put life on it that the Jews began to speak in one, common language. In fact, this language of the Jews was already — Hebrew, but it is their native language, no one talked about the third century BC It was used only for worship.

Privilege to be the first carrier revival of spoken Hebrew, Ben-Yehuda decided to honor his son Itamar. And then there were some difficulties, as in the Old Testament, there were no such words as, for example, "locomotive". So for learning Itamar what was happening in the world after the fall of the Roman Empire, had to come up with a huge amount of new words. It may even seem funny, but …

Because at that time there were only two carriers of the new version of spoken Hebrew,

Ben-Yehuda forbade his son to communicate with anyone but themselves. When guests came to the house, Itamar sent to bed, that he accidentally heard a word in a foreign language.

Somehow Ben-Yehuda caught his wife for singing Russian songs child. He came into such a rage that was smashing furniture (even scary to think how many new words boy learned during this scene). So much so, that the poor Itamar forbidden to listen to even the sounds made by animals.

However, I must admit, the training came to fruition after a while other Jews have come to trust Ben-Yehuda education of their children, and, in the end, Hebrew became the official language of Israel.

5. The psychologist, who has raised a chimpanzee as the brother of her own child

In the 1930s, scientists still can not figure out which part of the human intellect must inherited, and that instilled education. There was even a theory that some of the most intelligent animals — chimpanzees, for example, the absence of speech, manners and morals is due solely to the fact that no one has tried to read the book aloud to them and raise them at all, as human children.

I even found a psychologist who decided to experiment and home to test this theory. Psychologist named Winthrop Kellogg, and he had just had a son Donald — a case the scientist could not miss. Kellogg family acquired a baby chimpanzee and began to raise him as a brother Donald.

In order to somehow evaluate the intermediate stages of the experiment, Winthrop has developed a sophisticated system of testing that the "brothers" were held every day. Kellogg checked all that is possible — agility, memory, language development, obedience, etc.

Unfortunately, the experiment did not produce the expected results. Chimpanzees and remained chimpanzees. But Donald's influence on the development of "brother" had an unexpected way — he began to behave like a chimpanzee.

When the child began to gallop in monkey and bite everybody, experiment urgently curtailed.


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