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Today man is not complete without the technology in everyday life, with every day cars are getting closer to us. Naturally, this gives rise to certain fears in some people.

Fear number one: our grandchildren will be robots

Will robots and people hate it or love one another, one thing is clear — the convergence is inevitable. On the one hand, we often acquire new gadgets, mini-computers and a variety of devices. Artificial limbs, organs or bionic eye? There are people who already have these artificial organs. On the other hand, robots are constantly improving the skills of movement, communication and learning. We have become so similar that perhaps at one time it will be difficult to tell the difference between man and machine.

Fear number two: Robots take away our jobs

Anything you can do, they can do better. At the very least, a lot of things. Modern humans are capable of much, but robots have replaced them in places where the conditions are too harsh for the person, and on earth and in space. They increase the effectiveness and intensity of production in many areas. While the robots are complementary, not substitute for human because they have limited intelligence. But they are developing rapidly, and some even engaged in scientific research.

Fear number 3: Rise of the robots and the death of humanity

Scenario in which the machines will rise up against their creators — perhaps the worst implementation of science fiction in real life. However, we have already met with failures and cases of insubordination among technology. For example, during a military exercise in South Africa, automatic anti-aircraft gun shot the soldier in itself. UK specially created a network of satellites capable of managing similar machines.

Fear number 4: The people will prefer the mechanical lovers

Experts do not doubt that in the future people will choose as a lover of robots — they are already talking about the need to do when that day comes. People already trust their intimate life online chat rooms and multiplayer online games. Robotics say that will cause even more popularity perfect robot lovers, whose body will look like a human, but without flaws. At the same time there is a threat depending on the robot and the violation of normal human relations.

Fear number 5: Robots will steal our hearts


Robots do not need brute force to conquer us, if we are touched by their cute appearance and clumsy antics. The human brain is designed in such a way that we feel when in contact with humanoid robots the same heat as from communicating with the kids or soldiers. Even if the robot looks like a man, something in it is still a unique and fascinating people. Scientists may well be to prevent this by designing robots that are not similar in appearance to humans.


S. Vasilenko

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