9 days 18 talking heads

Immediately after registration, which will be held on November 18 at the Palace of the Republic, Democratic presidential candidates begin to campaign. What are its characteristics?

The pre-taped speeches of the candidates will be heard on radio and TV from November 22 and will last until December 3. Also, applicants will be able to take part in television and radio debates that are scheduled after the Central Election Commission on December 3. Candidates also have the right to buy additional time for speeches. BTRC Chairman Alexander Zimovskiyi said the prices of advertising placed on its website.

"The price of advertising, we are not talking about political or not. Indeed, one can choose the prime-time time, in its discretion or at the money. And in the middle of the block, where you usually see advertising clip is a candidate . then the party will not be that, "and now political advertising." It stretches 15 seconds, there is no movie for three minutes. "

Mr. Zimouski doubt that any of the candidates will be able to buy more time on television, since it is unlikely to be enough money.

The presidential candidate Nikolai Statkevich believes that the performances on television deliberately planned:

"I understand that this is done intentionally: 9 days to 18 talking heads. Every half an hour, twice, so that in the minds of voters there is some mess that they have identified no one and did not remember. Then two weeks before the election on television when someone swear, this is for happiness. Elections in Belarus is not, and its main task in this company I can see is to bring in Belarus free and democratic elections.'m a clown, be a clown I do not. I will do everything possible to break down the play. "

For the calculation of experts, at best, a presidential candidate must hold its official election campaign in just 60 thousand dollars, taking into account the means of their own election fund. The candidate Ales Mikhalevich says that the government allocated only enough money for printed materials.

"It is clear that we need the money for other things, even bypassing Belarus is quite a lot. And CEC this dayhy does not.

Of course, will have their own funds, the fund will be set up, we will do an advertising campaign for people to donate to my election fund, so that I can to campaign. "

The candidate Yaroslav Romanchuk said that preparations for the election campaign is in full swing.

"The final touches to the program, information materials, posters, did another photo shoot to pick the best shots. Region to apply for a room for meetings with voters.'s All in this operating mode to Sunday could to begin work in the regions, and we will start from Brest. "

, Leader of the group, Vladimir Neklyaeva Andrey Dmitriev promises creative. It is planned not only to spread propaganda distinctive products, but also a "hot line" telephone and the Internet, the candidate also travel across the regions.

"Of course there are certain limitations. Once published the number of places where you can hold pickets, meetings, it is clear that it is very limited.

We will try the CEC, she returned to the opportunities that have been around for a subscription campaign. And we appeal to the international community that it drew attention to this.

But we feel completely ready. "

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