A day of national unity

Day of National Unity

This city prazdnichek established in 2005 as a symbol of age-old traditions of patriotism, harmony and cohesion. It is dedicated to exploit people's militia that liberated Moscow from Polish invaders in 1612 under the leadership of Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky. These actions four centuries ago, is the best, reminiscent of the involvement of each to the fate of the country.

This is a solemn day, and on the church calendar. The Orthodox church is almost 400 years old at that pochetaet day Our Lady of Kazan Moms, which, according to legend, helped the militia. Not the case, right up to 1917 it was not only the triumph of the Church, and proclaimed by decree of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich municipal prazdnichek.

Having taken in 2005 its legitimate place among the "Reds dates' calendar Day National Unity as prazdnichek all civilian society, in fact, "ousted" revolutionary prazdnichek November 7, which a century kept the class traditions and ideology of the October Revolution of 1917.

Special importance to the current day or assigns party parliamentary majority — "One Our homeland", which in 2004 was a pioneer in the revival of prazdnichka. "Specifically, we were the pioneers of the bill on amendments to the list prazdnichkom and anniversaries" — confirmed chairman of the Supreme Council of United Russia, State Duma Speaker Boris Gryzlov. He said that party hold in this day rallies across the country, according to ITAR-TASS.
In Moscow, the United Russia party and their supporters will gather at Poklonnaya Hill. "I think there is less and less is the people of our country who do not know what Nov. 4, — said Gryzlov. — It's more and more people are participating in this truly national prazdnichkom."

Prazdnichka will be held on the occasion of a reception with the role of President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. By tradition, the country's leaders lay flowers at the monument to Minin and Pozharsky. In the festivities will accept the role as the Patriarch of All Russia and Metropolitan Kirill.

This year marked a day of national unity in the midst of the parliamentary election campaign, which in December will go smoothly in the presidential. The Liberal Democrats, led by Vladimir Zhirinovsky, cancel prazdnichek usual rally on Pushkin Square in Moscow. The party "Yabloko" is betting on events in the region. So the party chairman Sergei Mitrokhin and "namesake" party Alexey Yablokov will present the party platform in Kazan in the Mongolian language. Favorites of the "Just the Russian Federation" also served a tour of the region. Ignore prazdnichek only the Communists. As before, they call his supporters to march and rally on November 7 to mark the 94th anniversary of the October Revolution.

According to the polls, to celebrate prazdnichek this year want to order a third (34%) of Russians. With all of this the number of respondents, which is unusual to celebrate this date, has declined from 66 to 54%. Another 12% have not decided how to spend this day. Meanwhile, as the sociologists say, more vserasprostranennoy become a tradition to celebrate on November 4 at a table with friends, as in the theater, the cinema or a concert. Role in a solemn demonstration is considered one of the minority (1%).

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