A day without advertising. Interview

A day without advertising.  InterviewPochetaemye visit the Web site, "Military Review" quite often arise comments that the website a lot of advertising that does not meet the patriotic mood web.

Why advertising on the website? — As it is not ordinary sounds, but totally must pay for everything, including for the content of the website, with the more popular the website is, the more expensive its maintenance and service.

Why advertising does not match the patriotic theme of the website? — A huge selection of marketing offers not have to enjoy what is offered.

Where does the revenue from advertising? — Hosting (in order to files page website were available users to the web, it should be placed on the hard drive of a special computer with a constant-speed connection to the Web. Such a computer referred to as a server or hosting server). Service on that server, filling website copyrighted material, the development of new modules, enhancements to the website.

We decided to make an alternative paid version web, where there is no advertising in general, in other words, is an ordinary version with advertising and commercial-free to subscribers. Because now "A day without advertising"So you were able to evaluate all the pros and cons of a website with ads and one without. Wish to propose to you to participate in a survey about advertising Site and reducing its quantity.

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