A forest fire broke out in the Reserve Krasnoyarsk Pillars

Forest fire area of about one hectare registered in Krasnoyarsk reserve "poles", it is possible that the perpetrators of fire were tourists, said the management of the reserve.

"At the time of the discovery, about 13 hours (09.00 MSK) in tourist-excursion area in the tract" Pygmy "acted forest fire in less than one hectare. But because of the high fire danger class fire spreads very quickly. Currently working on its location are 10 employees of the formation of the reserve forest fire and three volunteers. Tracts Because of steep slopes and removal of water to stop the fire is not yet possible, "- said the directorate" Pillars ".

In the area of the fire was found abandoned tourist parking with fresh campfire, so the reserve does not exclude that the fire was caused by tourists illegally intruding into the territory of "Pillars" in spite of the ban visits to the territory, in effect since July 31.

This year, forest fires in the "Columns" occurred twice — in June of two fires affected areas of Chinese rock wall, Toad, Little. Then the risk of fire has not been established, but not ruled out that the two are having a fire caused by tourists.

State Reserve "Pillars" was established in June 1925. It is located on the right bank of the Yenisei River near the south-western outskirts of Krasnoyarsk, the area of "Pillars" — 47.2 thousand hectares. The reserve was established to protect the natural systems of the picturesque rocky massif natural boundary pillars. Its reserve identified three areas with different modes of protection: a closed area (42.213 thousand hectares), buffer zone (3.332 thousand hectares), excursion area (1,674 thousand hectares).

Tourist and sightseeing district covers 3.5% of the total area of the reserve. The total length of the network paths in it — about 67.5 kilometers. Trails lead to all the rocks. A rough estimate of the reserve, the district central pillar annually attracts over 200,000 people.

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