A large atomic journey. Kola NPP.

Orientation — north. Together with concern "Rosenergoatom" go beyond the Arctic Circle — to Kola nuclear power station, the northernmost nuclear power plant in Europe, the only one in the European Arctic. Nuclear power plant is located on the shore of Lake Imandra in the Murmansk region. Near the town of Polar Dawns, home to the plant workers and their families (the city's population — about 15,000 people, of which about three thousand — workers NPP).

The first of the four reactors of the Kola nuclear power plant was launched in 1973, earned a full power station in 1984. Construction of the plant was due to the rapid development of industry in the 60 years of the last century. The region lacked electricity, with virtually all of the suitable water resources have already been deployed to its output, so that the construction of nuclear power was the only way out of the "power dead."

 Photo source:cnews.ru

Now the Kola nuclear power plant continues to supply electricity to the power grid of the Murmansk region and Karelia. Kola nuclear power plant generates more than 50% of the electricity generated in the Murmansk region in general (in addition to her on the Kola Peninsula, there are 17 hydroelectric and two thermal power station). Communication with the Unified Energy System of Russia by means of four transmission lines of 330 kV. Overall, the share of nuclear power generation in the overall energy balance of Russia about 16%. The high value of nuclear energy is in the European part of Russia, and especially in the north-west, where the production at the plant reaches 42%. Total in Russia now operates 10 nuclear power plants. Two — the Arctic Circle: Kola and Blibinskaya (in Chukotka).

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as it turned out Kola nuclear power plant — is more than a nuclear power plant, read the source!

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