A resident of Voronezh wants to collect from the bank Tinkoff KS 24000000


The District Court of Voronezh client is considering an unprecedented lawsuit against the bank. Voronezh Dmitri Alexeev (name changed) wants to collect from the bank "Tinkoff Credit Systems' compensation in the amount of 24 million rubles. Alekseev independently modified the contract document — has registered itself unlimited and free loan, and the employees of the bank, without knowing it, have agreed on the terms of the client. The court found a legitimate loan agreement, and the chances of satisfying the claim is now perceived as high.

Dmitri Alexeev designed a credit card from JSC "TCS" in 2008. From the client's bank required only completed application form. Alekseev was much more prudent borrowers and other carefully studied the conditions of the loan agreement. As usual, the most important points — about interest rates, fees and penalties — are printed in small, almost unreadable font, and a potential borrower often simply ignores this information.

Alekseev, by the way, ex-law enforcement officer, scanned the contract and made some significant changes to the document in the same small print:

the interest rate on the loan and the fee for the issuance of cash are 0%;
customer can not pay all commissions and fees provided for tariffs.

Customer has confirmed that he is familiar with the applicable General Conditions and the tariffs placed on the Internet, without citing the official website of the bank www.tcsbank.ru, and on your website www.tcsbank.at.ua, which was provided for two more interesting points credit contract:

The bank has no right to make changes and additions to these Terms and Conditions in its sole discretion. In case of changes, additions, substitutions General Conditions unilaterally by the bank, the bank shall pay compensation to the client in the amount of 3,000,000 rubles for each successive change, supplement or replace the General Conditions.
Terminate the contract unilaterally ordered the payment from the customer of the bank in the amount of 6,000,000 rubles.

Employees of the bank sent Dmitri Alexeev approved copy of the questionnaire, statements and credit card accepting the terms offered by the client. Bankers have got on your bait well — do not read into the fine print of the document.

Bank drew attention to the terms of the agreement only in 2012, when he tried to collect from the customer through the courts all the delays, fees and penalties — a total of about 45 thousand rubles. However, the court rejected the claim, and now Voronezh went to court with the intention to recover from the "Tinkoff Credit Systems" compensate for changes in the terms and tariffs unilaterally — to 3 million rubles for each. According to him, the bank violated the eight points of the contract, therefore obliged to pay 24 million

PR-service "TCS" commented the situation: "The Bank of the claim in the amount of 24 million rubles is not confirmed. Will prove his innocence in court (appointed in September). " In addition, the bank's representatives argued that while there is only a claim for 900 thousand rubles.

Bank lawyers hope that the lawsuit will be dismissed due to the statute of limitations, but if the case is lost, it is not just someone's head will fly — a case will go down in textbooks, and Dmitri Alexeev will become a folk hero.

Tinkoff about 24 million, No man, we will not win anything!

A lot of noise was made about the story is that a quick-witted resident of Voronezh is going to serve or has already filed a lawsuit against the bank "Tinkoff Credit Systems" with the requirement to pay him 24 million rubles for breach of contract. Bank owner Oleg Tinkoff vividly responded to a nationwide stir:

Oleg Tinkov @ olegtinkov

It's time to stop the "diamond dream" and dream about 24milliona). No one we did not win, it's a dream to get rich.) So trated and sleep :-)

"God, what country? Fraudsters have any heroes, 90% are stealing content in the "VC" and did not even shy about it. Freeloaders and lazy ones. I coach, coach! "- Sad businessman in another message.

Users in different ways comment Tinkova outrage, and that, oddly enough, they respond. In particular, a replica of a Denis Gavrilov, that the country is "about 40% of the population below prozh.min. and 80% of the RFP below 15k, "the banker says:

Denis Gavrilov @denis125

@olegtinkov forgot about unemployment benefits? I can not afford to buy it, but there is ~ 40% of the population below prozh.min. and 80% of the RFP below 15k

Oleg Tinkov @ olegtinkov

@ Denis125 lazy

romka @Romanesko

@Lvov_mk @olegtinkov @tcsbank in general, seem to flaunt the bank's lawyers to justify their sn. a losing. should have read the contract.

Stanislav Eliseev

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