A.Sannikav: single candidate — it's bad

Sous: Today you and another potential presidential candidate Nyaklyayeu said they agreed to coordinate actions during the election campaign. First of all, it will be a struggle against the falsification of elections, the joint agitation and informational activities, a joint international effort. There is this agreement a first step towards the definition of a single candidate? And what is the main purpose of your association?

Sannikov: I'm so tired of this issue of the single candidate. I never said a single candidate. I talked about the strong candidates and a strong strategy. What we're trying to create. With only candidate here will not work.

SousWho was the initiator of the contract and how, in your opinion, which of you it is more advantageous?

SannikovThis is a mutual initiative. It was not spontaneous. We discussed this in the summer. Then we take very seriously keep track of what happens during the collection of signatures as people respond, to which they respond. It was a joint initiative, and I'm glad it worked out.

Sous: It seems that you are acting in favor of the other will not. But they shall receive, if someone wants to withdraw your favor?

Sannikov: When it comes to Neklyaeva and I, we have agreed that we will continue our company. Do not go at all now talking about withdrawal. Why? After all, we know that we have no choice. Made counterfeiting, and all our efforts should be directed at making mobilize people so that people do not go to vote early, to keep track of fraud, and warned them to international observers and domestic observers. That's a lot of work. Therefore we can not now argue in these categories. Single candidate — it's bad.

Sous: And why is it bad?

Sannikov: Because we've already tried it and it does not work. Because a single candidate in our environment — is an artificial union of certain groups with different approaches. And these mechanical unification never result is not allowed.

Sous: Let's Central Election Commission registers 10 candidates, all of them remain on the ballot on December 19. Voters with different proportions are distributed among all the candidates, but the largest number of votes, even without significant fraud gets Alexander Lukashenko. According to INEC, they are now rated at least 50 percent. For the people who come to the area? For 2, 3, 4 or 5 candidates?

Sannikov: First of all, we do not have any independent research. In a totalitarian situation we can not make objective independent research. So Gallup left Belarus for a long time. Second, these studies allow for the fear factor, it may be from 30% to 35%. And for some reason, researchers do not say. Therefore, it is done to support a regime that reigns in Belarus. People will come to defend their choice, not some research and interest.

Sous: Today at a press conference with Vladimir Nyaklyavym you have rejected accusations that you create a "pro-Russian bloc," but acknowledged that the welcome voice of Russia in support of the opposition and against Lukashenko. How do you assess the current so to speak silence on the part of Russia concerning the election of the President of Belarus?

Sannikov: I think that Russia has already said a lot of things, I think that what has been said, I take it as a signal that Lukashenko is not a partner for Russia, and that is enough to decide our fate and to really tackle this a way as to restore normal relations with Russia, and not what happened behind Lukashenko.

Sous: What is your forecast, Russia recognize the elections?

Sannikov: I see that they are very serious about watching these elections. evaluated according to the criteria of the elections. And I say, to recognize or not recognize, I think there is no reason at all to recognize these elections, no one.

SousYesterday in an interview with the Freedom of you have expressed doubt that the Lithuanian president could declare that the victory Lukashenko can guarantee political and economic stability in the country and its independence. But if such a position that certainly exists in certain circles of the European Union, won, and the EU has supported and recognized the victory of Lukashenko in the elections, it was meant for the democratic opposition in Belarus, for those who fight for democratic change in the country?

Sannikov: I do not deny that there are lobbying groups interested in preserving it is a dictatorship. Because it's just useful for those groups with different points of view. What would happen? I do not want to speculate on that. We will work with those who support human rights, democracy, freedom and independence. Or Russia, or Europe.

Sous: According to the research I have already referred to the Independent Institute of Socio-Economic and Political Studies, only about 11% of the respondents stated their intention to take part in mass rallies, demanding a change of the election results, 24% said they would be upset by the fact of falsification, but to participate in the activities of the opposition will not be . The absolute majority — 40% of respondents — are willing to accept any outcome of the voting. Even if to question these figures, as far as possible with that kind of attitude area, and what you need to do to it was a?

Sannikov: Can. If indeed there is 11%, that's enough for a mass protest. We know that 11% will go and others. That is enough. The fact that now people are responding to calls to change the power, the calls to improve life in Belarus, Belarus' democratization, freedom in Belarus — that's obvious. For me, this is obvious, I am guided by it, and not on those figures that I hear on BT.

Sous: What is your forecast of what will happen after the election? What will happen after the area?

Sannikov: There will be a new country.

Sous: Do you grow a little son. How do you tell him why you want to become the president of Belarus?

Sannikov: I'm on the subject did not talk. He sees that I'm busy, he does not like. We are on the subject do not talk, we have a lot to discuss that: fairy tales, and toys, and everything else, and the games that we play together.

Sous: But one day you say to him. How do you explain why it took the decision?

Sannikov: Now, if he asks, I answer him. This is me son, I will answer, and not hearers of Liberty. I apologize, but the relationship with his son — it is very personal.

Sous: As now you have an awkward relationship with potential candidates for the presidency and said who's readiness to join you with Nyaklyaeu.

Sannikov: I am responsible for what I did and do, while others have to think what they will do. I am responsible for myself.

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