A team of mine Taldinskaja West 1 set a new record for all-Russian coal mining

A team of Vladimir Berezovsky mine "Taldinskaja West 1" OJSC "SUEK-Kuzbass Russia set a record in terms of monthly extraction of coal from the working face.

In July, the team produced 827,000 tons of coal, improving the team's previous record of Vladimir Melnik mine "Kotinskaya" (part of "SUEK-Kuzbass"), which was set in 2010, nearly 120,000 tons.

Record delivered in a lava № 67-08. Sewage treatment works are mechanized complex, which includes the 175 sections of powered support DBT (Bucyrus), Harvester SL-500 (Aykoff) face conveyor PF4/1132, shtrekovy conveyor PF4/1132, SK11/11 crusher and conveyor loader B-1600. Lava feature is that the coal from the face to the industrial site is delivered on a conveyor chain, consisting of a 3-band with belt width of 1600 mm and a capacity of 3500 t / h. On the surface holic warehouse forms the radial stacker conveyor HE-K2L1600, performance and 3500 t / h, which forms a coal depot.

"This result has been achieved thanks to the high professionalism of the whole staff of the mine, the miners dedication. Has made a great contribution to the program and the technical equipment of the enterprises. This is a worthy gift to our miners the entire coal industry in Russia for the 65th anniversary of the Miner's Day "- said Deputy Director General, Director of Production Operations Company" SUEK "Vladimir Artemyev.

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