A third of the fuel pumped from the tanker Karakumneft the Kuriles

Experts in the night of Friday siphoned more than a third of total fuel tanker "Karakumneft" stranded at the Kuril Islands Etorofu, the press service of the main emergency department of Russia on Sakhalin.

Tanker "Karakumneft" (port — Nakhodka) ran aground in the Gulf of Kuril February 15 at the exit from the bay of whales. Crew — 20 people — removed from the vessel and placed an emergency in the hotel. On board the ship was 1.3 thousand tons of oil products. On Saturday, on the port side of the vessel divers found six holes. According to investigators, the ship of the tanks have leaked some 300 tons of fuel.

"As of 24 February, emergency tanker" Karakumneft "pumped out 445 cubic meters of oil. Uses two main hose lines," — said in a statement.

Pump the fuel delivered to the fuel storage tank trucks. During the work was carried out 65 flights, according to management.

"Currently, there is no oil leak. Works involved in 87 people and 30 pieces of equipment", — stated in the release.


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