About a hundred aircraft lacks RF for forest fires

 For the full detection and suppression of forest fires in Russia, regional authorities lack the order of a hundred aircraft, bringing the total number of fire helicopters and is currently a little more than 300, said at a press conference Wednesday, Chief Avialesookhrana Andrey Kalinin.

"In general, if we take, we have a need for aircraft in Russia is about 400 vessels. Comparing 2011 and 2012, then clearly increased use of aircraft. If in 2011 there were about 230, in 2012 310 were used in general in Russia ", — said Kalinin.

According to him, planes and helicopters are used AviaLesoOkhrana to detect and extinguish fires. If the first case applies small aircraft, light aircraft, the second forest fire often desantiruyutsya by helicopter Mi-8.

"This year, we have set the bar for themselves ready to begin their fire season (April 1) not less than the number that was in 2012 — 310 aircraft., But sets up a number of subjects, where there is a drawback to increase the number of aircraft," — Kalinin said.

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