Activists of Femen are willing to come to Belarus, if invited


The movement was founded in 2008. In Femen consists mainly of Kiev university students, there are also high school girls. Femen repeatedly carried out actions against female prostitution in Ukraine under the slogan "Ukraine — not a brothel!" Girls on the action extends half-naked, with the words on his chest. After coming to power of Viktor Yanukovych organization is principally engaged in political activity, and the issues of sex tourism became secondary Plan.

One of the recent actions took place under the slogan "Ukraine is not Alina" and was dedicated to the visit to Ukraine, Vladimir Putin, the participants were detained.

Anna Hutsol with Stanislav Shushkevich in Kiev

Anna was a guest Hutsol "Night of Freedom" and among other things, said some of the questions visitors to the site of "Freedom." 

Sous: Anna in Belarus after the presidential elections held last month. And many interested visitors to our site, you will not arrive in Belarus on the Square?

Anna Hutsol: A very interesting proposal. We'd love to come, but, unfortunately, we are very limited financial resources, and if there are people who are willing to just take us and arrange it — why not? I think together we could organize a very interesting event. The only thing that we know you are also very cruel and hard with law enforcement …

Sous: One of the slogans of the movement Femen — the fight against prostitution. But the Movement look just about as representative of that profession. Where is the logic?

Anna Hutsol: The logic is simple: we gipertrafavali image of prostitutes. When people know how to look like a prostitute, they should note that Femen they absolutely do not like. It's kitsch, it is we have such a kichavy style and we do not look like prostitutes. Plus we play on the contrast. People are not interested in the problem of prostitution: that is, if it's not my daughter, why should I worry about the problem of some prostitutes? When we go out in such a manner, the person has a resonance in your head like this — in such a manner against prostitution? The second meaning, which we have pledged: you can see how it looks, it looks like a woman who is on the panel — accordingly, it scares you, shocking. And if we do not want these women have become the norm, then, of course, we have to deal with the phenomenon.

The protest against the visit of Vladimir Putin to Kiev

To our protests should be treated not straightforward: as seen and read — we are laying a lot of meanings, we are always very carefully think through images, a lot of irony lay. After all, we believe that the time has passed boring protest with banners: people need to add irony, self-irony, some fun, so they participated in the protests, for life, and so unhappy. So we try to do is social show, so these methods and this format.

Sous: Who came up with the slogan "Ukraine is not Alina" to Putin's visit to Ukraine?

Anna Hutsol:
It arose spontaneously. When we resent his coming, and said, What is this life, really want our country to tilt, we remembered their old slogan "Ukraine is not a brothel", and then somehow we came up with "Ukraine Kabaeva," and then we overwound to "not Alina" and was simple and ingenious.

Time passed boring protest with banners: people need to add irony, self-irony.

Sous: We fixed site visitors ask you questions. A site visitor under the name "captured":

"But tell me: Participating your shares are held some casting? That is to say, the test for compliance with the aesthetic? Indeed, the main success of your shares — in estetychnastsi sight :) And again, until what age girls are going to actively undress? Because, obviously, the time will come when the activists themselves and no longer comply with the aesthetic criteria (although, in truth. Would not it :)

Movement activists detained near the Russian embassy in Kiev

Anna Hutsol: To such questions I answer: We have patterns, and if you pass through it, then you get to Femen. Of course, no one is selecting, simple, first of all, Ukrainian women are very beautiful, and are especially active women — always interesting. In fact, the average Ukrainian is the usual, ordinary girls: the student, the girls who are just beginning to work — in short, simple girl. But when they are in the way when the shares if the fire in their eyes — they seem to be incredibly beautiful, sexy, strong, and it certainly adds to the charm. And when we're going home on the subway, people do not look at us as the shares.

About the age — I think that there will be limited, and they're gone. The team is growing and maturing, if before we had a mean age of 16-18 years, now it is 20-22. And now we have come to older women: 30-35. They still less actively involved in the protests, we now think of as their use, so we probably need a structure for older women need, apparently, and the game to attract senior …

It all depends on how much backlog problem and the subject, not the fact that you just want to run around naked.

Sous: And everyone will undress?

Not necessarily: it's not a prerequisite. Exposure to such protests by those who want who is ready and who is courageous. There are women who say, I'm not going to topless protests, but there is a topic that interests me — so at least I'll go naked! It all depends on how tired and become painful as the problem of backlog and the theme, and not the fact that you just want to run around naked.

All my life I was engaged in social activities and, as a man indifferent to what is happening in the community, I realized that in Ukraine there is no women's movement, a structure that would attract young girls who would have forced them to be active, as the girls in our country very passive. And so it came to me the idea of a women's movement Femen — gradually, in small steps, and here for 2 and a half years, we have real women's movement, not only in Ukraine is known, but around the world. We are pleased because we understand that women's activity has the right to exist, the rights of women may be popular. And today we see that we can do the same counterparts around the world.

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