Addressing the demographic crisis in Russia found

The problem of the demographic crisis facing periodically different countries and peoples. As noted resource NBRA-IBRA, today Russians still feel the echoes of the economic crisis and the sharp fall in the birth rate in the nineties of the last century.

Even while he was president of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev offered to families who have more than three children, to provide land. Now the Russian government decided to encourage parents financially. Thus, the birth of a third child in the family and for the following children, the state will be paid monthly financial assistance equal to the amount of the subsistence minimum.

Today, about seven thousand rubles a month put, the Russian families whose income is lower than the cost of living in the region. Given the fact that the average salary in the country a little more than twenty thousand, almost every large family is guaranteed payment of the new aid. Allowance will be paid in the following year. That's just from what it was a month, and how long benefits will be paid (up to three years or until the age of the child) is not yet known.

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