Again taken children from large families

In the Tver region guardianship, or the Nazis?

Do you have children? And a large family Zaitsev-Resurrection now there are none!

December 21, 2012 The family of Alexei Zaitsev-Resurrection residing in the township Kuznetsovka,
Building 17 Staritskogo area in most frost early in the morning, without any warning took all four children, two boys and two girls, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012 Event 4, 2 years, 1 year and less than one year!

Social protection services Staritskogo district a year watching this family!

And she did not have any help.

And it against declarations Tver Region on how to live well in the region, with many children, and how much help the authorities of large families!

Imagine yourself in the background of this family! 4, the mother does not work, stays home with the children, the father of one, somehow trying to make ends meet, but no help from the government!

The grounds for the removal of children was declared lack of firewood in the house, broken stoves, a small number of toys, and unsanitary conditions.

The family lived in a rural area, my husband odd jobs, helping parents, my wife stayed home with the children.

At a time when the guardianship broke into the house early in the morning, still asleep, frightened children, as it is written in the inspection were inactive, ie simply hid behind her mother.

Mother began to call her father, who at that time was on earnings in Tver. The question of why children are taken by phone inspector said there was no wood in the house is cold.

The question of how cold the answer has not sounded, as no standards for measuring the temperature social services were not going to perform. As in any country house, in the morning it was cold because the furnace stoked with the evening!

The comments that most homes now cold, and that the wood, when he comes to earnings father, he will buy, no response was made. Once asked her (inspector) to introduce it hung up and refused to talk.

Mother at risk, the fact that young children will be taken away from her, sat with him and taken to the hospital, the older children in a rehabilitation center.

This entire mess made the act to seize children without appropriate not only to any regional, but also to any other law, no solutions, or anything else, nor father, nor mother, and was not given!

Shocking is complete legal illiteracy and boundlessness of social protection in the face of the Tver region Sokolova Lyudmila Vladimirovna.

That's dealt with the latter, there are still large families in Staritsa Tver Region. State first disintegrated almost completely agricultural, depriving people of work, and now finishes by destroying the family. And all this against the background of the declaration to strengthen the family and increase the birth rate, announced by the president and the government.

History of this problem started over a year ago, when the family put at the bodies of social protection. Whole year people came to inspections. Each month, representatives of the guardianship went for 40 km to the village of Staritsa Kuznetsovka, with nothing to help the family. If you count only the cost of gasoline, they would have enough to buy wood for the whole year.

A month before the events of social protection authorities suggested the family take a free screening at the hospital, and it turned out — the children are perfectly healthy, and yet they are the classic European style — white hair and blue eyes! What could be better for the adoption?

Arrived and firefighters, making the act of fault stoves. And was fined $ 1000. What — a large family does not fire rules!

The truth, of all the houses in the village, the penalty was discharged only to large! Apparently they are the main offenders in the area. Here's how well guarded fire safety law enforcement!

As a result, the administration of the rural settlement has written warning correct deficiencies before December 25, 2012 and on December 21 children taken away. That is 4 days before the date appointed for the correction, and in the absence of his father. It turns out that the employees of the guardianship specifically waited until the New Year and took the children. Here's a gift. Besides kidnapping such action is not called.

Our public organization "For the protection of life and family values" as well as the All-Russian Movement "People's Council", "Tver Cossack Brotherhood" and the regional public organization "The Family" went to Staritsu deal with the situation.

Head of the guardianship authority was not at work. The conversation was held with the head of Social Protection District Staritskogo Sokolova Lyudmila Vladimirovna. None of our persuasion that we are ready to provide the family with good housing, buy a wood stove and repaired to our surprise not result to the result. The only sensible that we heard that the case is ready to court for termination of parental prav.Dazhe eat warm apartment for the family for Ms. Sokolova did not mean anything. "Children give only by court order," — she said.

To the question whether it can cancel its own act, instead of a resolution, or make a new in accordance with the law and send their children to normal living conditions, she said — "I can not."

Puzzled, we asked again, this is your official position? Received a clear answer: "Yes."

Seeing such a tough and uncompromising stance Sokolova LV, we have concluded that it does not care about the fate of poor children and their parents, and their own ambitions.

Now it is clear why the Social Security authorities act as "fascists" in Staritsa area, because their heads Ms. Sokolova LV, which is probably not interested in the fate of mutilated her fault people, with the right pieces of paper money signs. Four non-governmental organizations could not move the bureaucratic wall. And it's on the ground, that on all public areas and the Government Governor of Tver region said about the interaction of public organizations and the government of Tver region.

This work guardianship authorities discredit themselves. Instead of helping families who are in a difficult situation they are making a family — depriving them of children. The use of last resort for the family was the usual practice.

We do not need such bodies "Social Security", which afflict and destroy families!

Chairman TGOO "For the protection of life and family values"

Akimkin Vladimir


Tver Cossack Brotherhood

Kovalev Dmitry Anatolyevich


Movement "National Council"

Kapyshev Ivan O.


TORO "Family" Krasilnikov Stepan V.


Editorial: Observations edition of the site e-tver news in adoption really revolve large sums of money. We have previously written about the fact that the adoption of a child resident Konakovo district of Tver region Sergei Khrenov offered to make a "donation" of $ 30 thousand dollars.

And the price of "live goods" naturally grow over time. But for a successful "trade" adoptions need a bank product, in this case children.

Apparently, the social protection of workers aggression, tore children from their parents due to considerable setbacks that these employees receive.

Naturally in high demand on the "market adoption" by children of Slavic appearance, what is the misfortune and were Zaytsevy-Resurrection of oxbow lakes.

Noesjuvenile justice!

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