Aliens guard homeland

March 28, 2012 11:30

Igor Prokopenko presented in Yekaterinburg his new book.

Author and host of the popular program "Military Secret" on REN TV last week visited the Ural capital of his compositions. Both books — "Aliens of national importance" and "Storm of consciousness" — tell of little-known aspects of our lives, such as contact with extraterrestrial intelligence and the manipulation of the human psyche. The works are largely consonant with the format of the channel REN TV, and will be of interest not only to its viewers, as each extraordinary fact, set out on pages well documented evidence or witnesses. According to filmmaker himself Prokopenko, books were born after 20 years of painstaking collection of materials, documents and interviews with witnesses of unique events.

 In addition to the literary part of his visit, Igor Prokopenko discussed with Ural journalists freedom of speech on national television, the reform of the Russian army, and told who profit from spreading rumors about aliens.
Book "Aliens of national importance" and "Storm of consciousness" can be said to have grown out of the material collected during the long years of the program, "Military Secret" — one of the oldest programs of the channel REN TV, which has no analogues in the Russian television. The content of this brainchild of Igor Prokopenko a genuine interest in his own, long-established, the audience, as there share their secrets and mysteries of the scouts, security officers, spies and politicians. Transfer talks about the latest achievements of Russian science, unique technology, reveals the mystery out of the problems and successes in the ranks of modern army that is in the field of military operations, and therefore earned the loyalty of the masses of viewers of all ages.
Every single issue or series of programs based on exclusive content, unique and interesting documents. Igor Prokopenko deliberately chooses the most interesting mysteries and secrets in the history of the country, only to shed light on the inside story of events occurred. He collects all the information about the subject of the program, interview eyewitnesses of events opens the door to the dusty archives, looking for confirmation of every single fact. Thus, we can say that every single issue of "military secrets" is able to captivate even the casual viewer so that the latter will be a long time fan of the transfer. Perhaps that is why the program has such a high rating on the TV.
Accordingly, in the books Prokopenko collected the most interesting and impressive facts of history show "Military Secret". In "Aliens of national importance", for example, speaks about aliens, UFOs, contacts with extraterrestrial civilizations and parallel worlds. There the author raises the controversial topic, often a matter of controversy and even ridicule. As aliens, UFOs, extraterrestrials are interested not only fans of science fiction, but the top brass in Russia; simply because it is required by the country's security. Few people know that, because of the anomalous aerospace phenomena (AAYA) as the military called a UFO in the 80-ies of XX century, nearly started World War III. On missile bases in the Carpathian (USSR) and Norfolk (USA) at the same time the system worked missile warning. Radars on both sides of the Atlantic have fixed the strange objects that do not fit into any earthly classification.
No less interesting is a similar case, which occurred in the mid-70s in the Barents Sea, after which each commander of a nuclear submarine has received special instructions governing the actions of the crew when they met with an unidentified marine sites. A special place in the book is devoted to studies conducted in Nazi Germany, had a great interest in extraterrestrial technology. On the Kola Peninsula, Hitler wanted to build the first space center and even fascist started implementing their plans.
As witnesses in this book appear submarine captains, head spetsrazvedki Navy fighter pilots and other eyewitnesses of interest, but the events are shrouded in mystery. Many of the materials listed in "Aliens of national importance", published for the first time, and none of them is a line of rumors and speculation, but confirmed facts.
— The "Military Secret" appeared by chance, — Igor Prokopenko. — I wanted to be at anchor, a journalist and later a writer. However, the subject of such studies proved to be extremely topical and relevant. If 15 years ago, the timing of the program was 20 minutes, now it's 2:00 in the prime time: at 20.00 every Monday. If I one day, 20 years ago, said that I would write a book with that title, I'd have to believe it is not. I used to think aliens and other "green men," the fruit of an inflamed imagination okolonauchnyh publicists who want to get away from the reality of events in the world of their own dreams and fantasies. Incidentally, at the time of the same opinion all our science, and the more ideology. But one day, while working in the secret archives in East Germany during the withdrawal of our troops, I stumbled on an inconspicuous location, revealing that I could not believe my eyes: the first document was a "List of personnel who observed the UFO in the missile range." In this paper was signed not just an ordinary, but a senior officer rank of Russian Military Intelligence, which meant the official recognition at the state level, the fact of the existence of extraterrestrials.
It is worth noting that in addition to the book "Aliens of national importance" of the same name, there's 10-hour project on REN TV, and this name is due to the fact that aliens and UFOs in the twentieth century became an important factor in international politics. If only because, as a State or government wanted to conceal any facts, for example — testing of new weapons to the event labeled, "UFO", responsible for all of the most contentious issues.
— So, get the brand "Aliens" was a key factor in international politics and propaganda — Prokopenko said. — What flies — unaware that fell — is unclear. The mask hiding UFO harmoniously testing new missiles and aircraft, as well as multiple violations of state of sea and land borders. Interestingly, when the domestic general staff and its foreign colleagues began priority to issues of extraterrestrial civilizations and collect statistics of controversial events, analysis of the current situation of trust highest party. These include: the management of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) and senior management of the Navy, presented at the time Admiral Chernavin. Such analysis revealed that over 80% of all events are natural phenomena, or a test of military equipment, as they all had quite the "earthly" explanation. About 12% of events had no explanation, and therefore become the focus of attention and comprehensive study, perhaps it some laws of the universe that we can not yet explain.
However, from the analysis of a small percentage of domestic designers have made the appropriate conclusions, later allowed to create a new type of weapon. For example, once observed plasmoid that can move at incredible speeds, it has been suggested that this is just an object, covered with a special membrane, which allows typing speeds and provides ample opportunities for lightning maneuver. Inspired by the flight of the UFO, our military designers have created in the 70's torpedo "Shkval", which is still a secret, and their foreign counterparts appeared only 7 years ago. The shell is able to move under water at a speed of 600 kilometers per hour in the air by its own "cap."
Igor Prokopenko said that in connection with the journalistic investigation regarding this development, a criminal investigation into the disclosure of state secrets.
— But we have nothing to disclose does not succeed, and the case was closed on that, — said the author.
Not only the journalist, but also a career officer Igor Prokopenko skeptical held reform of the Russian Armed Forces. According to him, it was the most consistent critic of the reforms being undertaken at present. "The Russian army as a big clumsy turtle, with scraps of the former Soviet propaganda and the burden of the USSR fell apart," — says Prokopenko. Also, in his opinion, the main problem of the Russian government and the army that its leaders did not know in which direction to proceed, what should be the ultimate goals and objectives of the military reform. However, after Igor S. said that it is still necessary to maintain a balance, and therefore can not claim that the army do nothing.
In conclusion, a few minutes of dialogue was paid to the issue of censorship, implemented on national TV, and on trends in television in general today. As the Deputy Director General of the channel REN TV, Igor Prokopenko supports cognitive direction documentary, he reasonably believes that today's viewer wants not only entertainment and TV series. That is why on REN TV promote its educational programs. In the same vein, Igor Prokopenko mentioned the upcoming collaboration with the TV channel Discovery.
As for censorship, there REN TV is somewhat easier to express themselves in relation to their peers, as its own unique format allows you to submit information in a specific format. However, as noted by Igor Prokopenko, "internal taboo" still have each media, especially on television.


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