All fires were extinguished in the Tomsk region

All fires in the Tomsk region extinguished Tuesday morning was eliminated last fire that raged in Verkhneketskyi district (north region), said Tuesday the representative Airbase forest protection.

In the Tomsk region in 2012 has stood abnormally dry summers. In the last three weeks of July held unprecedented heat, which receded only in the beginning of August. In the region because of forest fires in 2012 burned a record number of forest — more than 80 thousand hectares, the area of fires per day on some days more than 10 thousand hectares. In the region, only 14 August lifted emergency mode, introduced in connection with the complicated fire hazard situation. It was reported that the normalization of the forest fire situation in the beginning of August sposobstovali favorable weather conditions — cold snap and rain.

"At this point in the Tomsk region no blazing fire. Liquidated morning fire in Verkhneketskyi area. Available raging fires can still smoke, because peat is not extinguished. This will continue until the peatland will not burn out completely or it will not flood water . Threats fire spread not, "- said the source.

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