Amphibious Force will equip the new parachutes

Amphibious Force will equip the new parachutes

September 2 2011 city, Aviation Explorer — Russian military decided to support amphibious troops supply of parachutes, which were developed in the 60s of XX century. Contract price is 616,600,000 rubles, reports

For this amount the Department of Defense wants to buy 3947 parachute systems "D-10" and the same emergency parachute "E-5".

Specialists of the Ministry of Defence posted scanned describe parachutes. On the description of the "E-5" indicated that parachute was developed in 1969 by Russian spices "defense". Compared to the "Z-5" parachute system "D-10" is a very modern: its development was completed in just only 20 years ago, in other words in 1991.

According to the disclosure order, the price set for the 1st jumper should reach an average of 78 thousand rubles. Merchant parachutes Defense Ministry plans to find the end of September 2011 year.

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