Ancient papyrus told the wife of Jesus


At Harvard University, presented a fragment of an ancient text, which is due today, a new wave of discussion about one of the most mysterious periods in the history of Christianity. Experts argue over whether the wife of Christ.

Several years ago, the flames of heated debate generously poured Dan Brown with his "Da Vinci Code", then scientists have called the book "pure fiction." Now the serious experts scratching their heads over a scrap of papyrus the size of a business card. Not reported or where it was found, nor who the owner is.

Speech to text in Coptic is supposedly about Mary Magdalene.

Publication of The New York Times: «Jesus said to them," my wife "," it will be able to become a disciple of mvoim "," let evil people swell up "," as for me, I'm with her to. '"

Scientists are now being expressed extreme caution while even about the authenticity of the document endure only preliminary estimates. And, of course, this piece — not proof that Jesus Christ had a wife or of his students was a woman.

The text, according to experts, only means that it is believed early Christians, whom the historical period in the life of Jesus separated the two or three hundred years.



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