Ancient Slavic culture in pictures

Chuprin Viktor is the custodian of the magnificent paintings Belarusian painter Nonna Kukel.
Plots of these paintings — our past intangible cultural heritage, namely the orthodox Vedic culture, which is a school of spiritual and moral maturity of many generations of Slavic pre-Christian era.

Karina bring light, love and beauty of this world. The exhibition presented 52 works, 90 works written by the artist.
Exhibition fully reflect the Vedic culture. For 4 years the exhibition was successfully held in four cities of Ukraine. They are visited by tens of thousands of Ukrainians.

Written hundreds of enthusiastic appreciation reviews. Presented in pictures stories connect broken connection to time, generations, and help deeper, fuller and holistic view historical past of the Slavic peoples.

The future of these paintings is fine — they will be on display in all cities of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. These paintings have appeared on time — now is a powerful revival of our ancestral Orthodox Vedic culture.

Representatives of public organizations of Dnepropetrovsk — Levitskaya Alina Nikolaevna — Chairman of the NGO "Belarusian Dnieper" and Lazko Alexei — Head of the NGO "International Institute Ukrainiki 'plans for the next exhibition in Dnepropetrovsk in the spring of 2013, to be held from performances by folk groups and public meetings Slavic organizations of Ukraine.

Welcome to the fascinating world of fairy tales. The exhibition is held every day until September 21, from 9:30 to 19:30 at the House of Scientists.

Natalia Ivashchuk IA "Our Town"

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